Saint Mark Catholic Church
Weekly Newsletter
September 13, 2019
Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time 

While I am entrusted with leading the parish, I could not do this alone. Every member here has a responsibility of sharing the mission of the Church and having a role of the parish.

This week, I want to thank the 200+ catechists and core team members who have stepped up to lead our youth in their formation. It is more than just preparing them for First Holy Communion and Confirmation. It is instilling a life-long love of the Faith to ensure their place in Heaven. 

Our collection for Priest Retirement will take place this weekend. This is a Second Collection, and an assessment of $103,857 by the Diocese. Your contribution to this important collection is a way to show your gratitude to the priests who have served the Diocese so faithfully. Please respond as generously as you can. Additional envelopes are available in the Narthex.

Father John
Safe Environment Requirements at Saint Mark
Protecting God's Children Workshop

In order to follow the Diocese of Charlotte’s requirements, all volunteers are required to have a background check on file before they can participate in any ministry. Any person in a position that interacts with children, the elderly or any vulnerable adults in any manner is required to complete a Protecting God’s Children (PGC) workshop and continue training before they can start volunteering. However, we encourage ALL volunteers to complete this certification.

PGC helps us learn to recognize the warning signs of abuse and the many ways that sexual abuse harms victims, families, parishes and communities. It teaches us appropriate ways to respond to suspicious behaviors and how to prevent abuse. It’s a program established to help us protect ourselves as volunteers.

We currently have a PGC workshop scheduled on Saturday, September 14 , from 10 am to 1 pm here at Saint Mark (Room 200). To register and obtain more information about this process, click on “Safe Environment” at and follow the instructions provided.

We are committed to a safe environment for all members of our community. Thank you for helping us in this process!

If you have any questions regarding Safe Environment requirements, please contact Celi , 704-948-0231, Ext 119, Monday to Thursday, 9 am to 2 pm.