“Longing to Belong” – Rev. John Morehouse
Why do we want to belong? How can we help one another feel welcome? What holds us together? In this service Rev. John will share his own stories and talk about the idea of covenant. Join us for stories and songs.

11:00 AM is our Family Friendly Service. Children will stay in the sanctuary with their families for the full service.

Music: The Once & Again Singers will sing Andy Gundell's new piece "Love Can Save Us All". This world premier is exciting because Andy presents a message that is universal, appealing, and authentic. Three qualities we all love. The choir will be joined by Andy, Steve Axthelm (guitar) David Vita (djembe) and Eric Gribin (cajon drum).

Worship Associate: Linda Hudson

Pastoral Care Chaplain: 9:00 Beverley Bailey, 11:00 Jim Francek