This Weeks Fish 411
Here is some good fish reading for the middle of the week leading up to Father's Day.
King Salmon: Also in house are some very sharp head on wild-caught kings from Neah Bay, Washington. Neah Bay is on the Northwestern tip of Washington State, just across the border from Port Renfro, Vancouver, Canada, 150 miles West of Seattle. These fish are in the 11-18# range and come in gilled and gutted. Fillets with the skin on are going to be in the 4-7# range and will have a beautiful orange color with high-fat content.  
Red Snapper: Thanks to the guys switching from grouper to snapper we have a lot of beautiful American Red Snapper in house from both Florida and Louisiana. From Florida, we have a few 4-6# fish, and from Louisiana, we have mostly 6-12# fish. The American Red Snapper is easily one of the best-tasting fish out there and now is a great time to consider them on your menus.

Mahi Mahi:  We are seeing the end of the domestic run of mahi mahi as boats are coming in with less fish this week they have the past few weeks. We have a couple of hundred pounds of head-on fish from North Carolina due in later this week. In the meantime, we are still seeing high numbers out of Panama and Ecuador, which is out of character as this is the time of year these fish migrate North. But we will reap the benefits as mahi mahi is on the specials sheet at a great price.

Amberjack:  We are seeing fish from Louisiana as well as North Carolina these days. Amberjacks are large fish with a firm, meaty flesh that are great grilled.  
John Dory: Out of Narragansett, Rhode Island and the F/V Heather Lynn we have an excellent sized shipment of domestic John Dory (oreo dory) arriving in the morning. The past landings have seen fish in the 4-8# range, and I expect these fish to be just like the previous fish. They are caught using trawl nets and are a by-catch of the squid, which is to our benefit as John Dory has an excellent flavor and can make for a great special. These fish will be available for Thursday orders.

Maryland Crabmeat:  We are seeing good numbers on Maryland crab meat this week, with plenty of jumbo lump and lump in house as well as a few pounds of fresh claw meat. Considered by many to be the best crabmeat in the world. Fresh picked crab meat from Maryland is a real local delicacy that should be enjoyed by all.

Black Bass:  The local seasons are winding down on this fish, we have a few large (1.3-1.8#) and a handful of jumbo (2# and up) due in, but the next opening will be July 1.
Corvina:  Coming to us from Suriname is some lovely 10# and up Golden Corvina. Corvina makes an excellent substitute for the more expensive grouper, though they are not in the grouper family.  

Other items of note include but are not limited to:

Cobia: farm raised in Vietnam
Halibut: wild caught from Quebec and Nova Scotia
Red Drum: farm raised in Texas
Barramundi: farm raised in Malaysia
Bluefish: wild caught along the Eastern Seaboard
Arctic Char: farm raised in Iceland

Thank you, and as always, please do not hesitate to call, text or email with any questions.
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