This Weeks Highlight
September 13th 2016
We believe that Reuse and Repurposing are the highest and best practice for recycling!
We practice Reuse and Repurposing as our first step in the recycling process at United Electronic Recycling. We first assess value and then reuse/resell items if at all possible. We then we reuse the electronic components at are able to be reused if the item cannot be repaired. From there the electronics get recycled for the commodity until everything is back into its seperate commodity form.  This is a process. We want to invite you to check out our Reuse/Resell store on eBay!  

Whether you want a PC, Laptop or maybe some printer ink, check it out!!! Always updating and changing our items!
  Another way that we include our customers in this Reuse process is by our ITAD program, in which we will manage your assets that still hold value and you will get a return on your inventment in these items.   We maximize your return on investment for your outdated technology equipment either by directly purchasing your equipment or we can manage the equipment on consignment. Whichever is best and/or most profitable for you!

We will provide a complete turnkey operation to include logistics, equipment auditing, data destruction and customer reporting.
Would you like to know more about our ITAD Service???

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Industry Events:
NTCRA gR3een Awards
Friday September 16, 2016  at the Dallas Arboretum

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Saturday September 17th 2016
Christ United Methodist Church at Coit and Parker
3101 Coit Rd. - Plano TX
9am to 11am

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