This Weeks Highlight
September 27th 2016
We want to Highlight our Electronic Recycling Swap Program
United Electronic Recycling is always trying to add new ways to help make recycling easier for you! We want to introduce to those who aren't familiar with this service we provide, or remind those of this option that we offer, Electronic Recycling Collection Box Swap Program. We will bring our gaylord boxes to you and put them on pallets where it is convenient for you, and you keep them at your location till they are full and then simple, you call us and we come swap the containers out for empty ones. We offer this service at a flat rate.

We can come swap out your electronic recycling boxes as often as you need us to. Some who use this service do it once a month and some every few months. This is a easy and smart way to collect your electronic recycling without taking up too much space in your closets and work areas. We want to make recycling your electronics easy! 

Contact us to hear more about this great program!
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Industry Events:
8th Annual Dallas Green Fest, sponsored by Living Earth, on the F.A.R.M. Urban Park lot at 700 S. Good Latimer on the east-end of downtown  Dallas

10:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturday, September 24 2016

As always, the Dallas Green Fest continues to be a fun, free event that brings together partners from across Dallas to teach our community members about everything from gardening to renewable energy. 

Upcoming UER Collection Events:

Saturday October 1st 2016

First United Methodist Church
3160 E. Spring Creek Parkway - Plano
9am to 12pm

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