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July 25th, 2017
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This week we turn another corner in the local growing season by welcoming many nightshade vegetables such as field grown tomatoes, eggplant and peppers.

There are also some new local fruit items such as white peaches, cantaloupe melons and blackberries. Peas and cherries are almost done.

Blueberry season may not be around for much longer so be sure to enjoy them now.
How to Boycott Organic Imposters ?
(Shop At Berkshire Organics)

A recent series of articles by a Washington Post reporter could have some consumers questioning the value of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) organic seal. But are a few bad eggs representative of an entire industry?

Consumers are all for cracking down on the fraudulent few who, with the help of Big Food, big retail chains and questionable certifiers give organics a bad name. But they also want stronger standards, and better enforcement—not a plan to weaken standards to accommodate "Factory Farm Organic."
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Featured Local Produce
Local White Peaches
Now Available

Local Yellow Peaches
Now $2.99 / lb!
Eggplant in all different shapes and sizes are now available.

Check out the recipe section below for some great suggestions on how to incorporate more eggplant into your diet.
Eggplant Mix2
Local melon season kicks off with the juicy cantaloupe.

Watermelon will soon follow.
Green & Yellow Beans
are abundant.

Green and Yellow Beans
Big, plump & juicy blackberries arrive to the market Wednesday and are available in the Fruit basket and as an add-on.
Local, NON-GMO, sweet corn season is still going strong!
Crisp, sweet & delicious!
Organic Produce Specials
Green & Purple
$2.99 / pound
Red  Field
$2.99 / pound
Summer Squash
$1.99 / pound
Pickling & Regular
$1.99 / pound
Pluots - Dapple Dandy
$3.99 / pound
$2.99 / pound
Libations & Cheese of the Week
Available to market & delivery customers
15% OFF
Bayley Hazen Blue Cheese
Jasper Hill Farm, VT

Aged 3-to-4 months            


Bayley Hazen Blue is a Jasper Hill Farm original, and is made from their high-quality whole raw milk.                


Sensory Notes:  Bayley has developed a loyal following because of its fudge-like texture, toasted-nut sweetness, and anise spice character. The paste is dense and creamy, with well-distributed blue veins. The usual peppery character of blue cheese is subdued, giving way to the grassy, nutty flavors in the milk.

10% OFF
2016 Domaine la Cabotte Colline Côtes du Rhone Rosé

Rhône Valley, France


Grape Varietal: Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault


Designation: Biodynamic and Organic


Notes: On a pretty dark pink color our Rosé is a fruity wine charmer and greedy. On the palate fresh fruit and roundness dominates. Harmony and balance gives it a nice tension to keep long in the mouth an elegant fruit.


Drink if you enjoy: Fruit driven, fuller style French made roses!

10% OFF
Teutonic Wine Company Sprockets White

Willamette Valley, Oregon


Grape Varietal:  50% Scheurebe, 25% Huxelrebe and 25% Pinot Noir


Designation:  Dry farmed and following sustainable practices


Notes: A wine done in the style of Austrian Gemischter Satz, where a bunch of different grapes are grown in the same vineyard and then blended together to make one wine. The aromas and flavors of orange zest, apricot and capsaicin with a dry talc minerality that goes on forever. The steely acidity is off the charts but given the amount of fruit here, that's a good thing.  The balance and complexity of this wine is amazing!


Drink if you enjoy: Wines that are, to quote the producer, “Kick Ass!”  And German or Austrian style wines made domestically on the West Coast.

10% OFF
2015 Illahe Vineyards Estate Pinot Noir

Willamette Valley, Oregon


Grape Varietal: 100% Pinot Noir


Designation: Organic, Sustainable, LIVE – certified and Salmon Safe.


Notes: Aromas of blueberry, red fruits, licorice fern, with light char and vanilla clove. The perceivable fruit develops into a round mid-palate, smooth tannins, and notes of rose petal. This pinot is well balanced, clarified by racking (no fining or filtering), maintaining a layering mouth feel and acidity. The finish lingers with elegant persistence.  A domestic Pinot Noir that all others should be judged against!


Drink if you enjoy: Elegant, New World Pinot Noir!

10% OFF

Safety Meeting

Stowe Cider, Stowe, VT

Hard Cider with Hops

6.5% ABV


Our flagship tips up dry hopped with the finest citra & galaxy hops.

One of a kind & delightfully hoppy.


4-pack, 16oz cans

10% OFF
Consolation Prize

Lord Hobo Brewing Company 

Woburn, MA

Double IPA

9.5% ABV


A dangerously approachable and juicy Double (almost Triple) IPA.


4-pack, 16oz cans

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Cyzer / Mead
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The incredibly versatile eggplant works in everything from Italian to Asian recipes. Bonus: It makes a tasty substitute for meat, too.

  The vibrant colors of this green bean, corn, and tomato salad come from an artful blend of late-summer vegetables.
I don’t know why this recipe is not more popular in the States, but one bite of these parsley-speckled carrots doused with lemon and olive oil and you’ll know why it’s standard fare in every French bistro, market and home kitchen. To tempt you further: it’s a cinch to make, keeps well, and is good for you. 
This is a dish you can enjoy year-round but now is a great time because you can use fresh corn and local peppers. We added jalapeno to our polenta to kick it a notch and used goat cheddar instead of cows milk cheddar. There are so many variations you can make with this dish. It's hearty and filling, too!

Thank you for supporting a small, locally owned business, our local farms and local food artisans. 
Aleisha, Brian & Grace Gibbons
Owners, Berkshire Organics, LLC

813 Dalton Division Rd.

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