Impacting More Mothers with Grand Challenges Canada
The Kybele team is proud to announce that Kybele-Ghana has been awarded additional funding by Grand Challenges Canada to scale our innovative Obstetric Triage Implementation Package (OTIP) and Modified Early Obstetric Warning System (MEOWS) nationally across the country of Ghana. Kyble's OTIP + MEOWS innovation prevents critical delays by promoting rapid systematic assessment for all women, prioritization of women at risk, and the establishment of high-quality risk-appropriate treatment plans. This opportunity builds on our success of bringing OTIP to ten high-volume hospitals over the past three years, which resulted in the training of over 500 frontline health personnel and the prevention of critical life-threatening delays and improved quality of care for more than 50,000 women.

With the support of Grand Challenges Canada, Kybele-Ghana will partner with the Ghana Health Service over the next 30 months to:

  • Scale OTIP + MEOWS to approximately 75 high-volume hospitals across Ghana by leveraging select clinicians as champions to cascade training to their clinical colleagues.
  • Further refine, contextualize, and validate the impact of OTIP + MEOWS on timely and appropriate care in Ghana when brought to a national scale. 
  • Advance sustainability of the model through complete ownership of the OTIP + MEOWS package by the Ghana Health Service and through the integration of training, monitoring, and quality assurance into national health systems.

This project is supported by Grand Challenges Canada. Grand Challenges Canada is funded by the Government of Canada and is dedicated to supporting Bold Ideas with Big Impact®

Kybele’s 6th Team Leader Summit
Kybele’s bi-annual Team Leader Summit took place in Orlando, Florida this month. We were honored to host more than 20 Kybele board members, team leaders, and country hosts from around the world as we celebrated our accomplishments and collaborated together on Kybele’s strategic plans. We are excited to share the outcomes of our time together in the coming months. Thank you to our partners who traveled from all over the globe to be with us!
Meet Our Newest Team Member Allie!
Meet Allie! She is our new Team Coordinator and Engagement Specialist - working to support team collaboration and program operations while contributing to strategic engagement of Kybele's global stakeholders. Allie was drawn to Kybele to be part of something that mobilizes resources to support global communities in attaining access to tools that empower their goals. 

Fun Facts about Allie: 

  • Kybele's "model and mission represent a win-win-win from my perspective. What a treasure! Using what we know works well from research-backed medical practice to strengthen the capacity of leaders in global communities... all while benefiting from international collaboration and the learning that accompanies it. Wow! Considering that lives are saved with Kybele's specific area of focus, it is incredible to be part of this organization's work."
  • Things she enjoys: hiking or anything outdoors, traveling, baking, playing games, and pick up sports (like pickleball)
  • She juggled while jogging in a fundraising race this fall
  • Her favorite trips have been hiking with her husband in Iceland and an adventurous week with friends in Costa Rica
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