Kittens & Auditions Graphic
October 20, 2020

Hello Middle School Families!

It is my pleasure to announce our 2020-21 MS Show: The Internet is DistractOh Look a Kitten! AND Bad Auditions…On Camera.

That’s right, two shows! Together as one supershow! We’re calling the event: Kittens & Auditions. After-school rehearsals will begin in November, and the show will be performed live via Zoom on January 29-30, 2021.

Auditions are coming up on October 26th and October 27th. If your children are interested in auditioning for the show, they should do the following:

  1. Join the MS Show Google Classroom page (code: 5qe2gcw)
  2. Sign up for an Audition Workshop, which will occur during Flex on Wednesday and Thursday, October 21-22 (RSVP link is on the GC page and emailed to your children)
  3. Sign up for a time slot on the Audition Scheduler (posted on the GC page & emailed to your children)
  4. Complete the Audition Packet (posted on GC page & emailed to your children), which must be completed via Notability or Google Docs and submitted digitally on the GC page as we cannot accept paper submissions

We are so eager and excited to see who comes out for auditions. We do not cut, so if your children audition and agree to their assigned parts, they are in the show!

Tech and marketing jobs will also be available for those not interested in being “on stage.” All are welcome! Please email me with any further questions you may have.

MS Performing Arts/Creative Expressions