Happy New Year!!!! I hope you and your loved ones enjoyed the holiday season and are healthy and well.

I continue to be committed to my new years resolution (see if you can find it along with some pictures of me doing it in this newsletter!)

2021 is all about rebalancing and doing what is within our control. Self-care is 100% within your control- I challenge you to print off our list of 50 self care ideas found in this newsletter and make a commitment to do just ONE per day starting TODAY!

You are important to me. Please take care of yourself.

All my best always,

Dr. Pam McCaskill
McCaskill Family Services Newsletter
Term: Winter | Issue 13| January 26th, 2021
Looking Ahead Into the New Year....
Self-Care is the Only Resolution We Need.

Many of us were counting down the moments until we could wave goodbye to 2020!
Now, here we stand in 2021 feeling a little more hopeful (hopefully) than we did last month. January is a great time for reflecting on the past year, and planning our growth in the days ahead. It's easier this time of year to set goals for ourselves, as we are filled with inspiration of a brand new year and feel like we have been given an opportunity to reset.

This year, our MFS team challenges you to add more self-care and self-love into your daily routine. This can be as something as simple as saying a kind affirmation to yourself when you look in the mirror, or something more time consuming like reading for an hour each night. Self-care comes in many forms and looks different for everyone. It doesn't matter what it is that you choose to do, what matters is that you do it, and that you make it a priority.

People always say, "I don't have time." We understand life is busy, but....
Without self-care, we will run out of gas to take care of the other people in our lives. Without self-care, it will be hard to honor all of our commitments and fulfill our responsibilities. Without self-care, we will struggle to be the best version of ourselves. We promise that you will never regret investing time and love into yourself. You deserve it.

Check out the article below from Jaclyn Rink, MS, LLP, for some simple self-care ideas!
We know that maintaining optimal mental health during these times can be challenging! If you or someone you know could benefit from our services, please contact us. Our clinicians are trained in empirically-based techniques, and would be happy to promptly schedule an appointment in person or via tele-health. We can be reached by phone at 734-416-9098 or by email at office@mccaskillfamilyservices.com.
MFS Staff 2021 Goals!
Dr. Amanda: "Exercise and take my dog, Halo, on more walks!"
Emily B: "Prioritizing fun: Doing something fun everyday, and experimenting with healthier recipes. "
Lola: "To stop chewing on things that aren't my toys. Sorry, Mom."
Mo: "Practice 20 minutes of mindfulness every day."
Dr. Pam: "Be present in my moments with others and not take them for granted."
Jaclyn: "5 workouts a week and 80 oz of water a day. I want to be able to do a pull-up by the end of the year!"
Dr. Nicole: "Start saving for retirement and participate in one horse show this year."
Charlie, Lychee & Cinnamon:
"To take more cat naps."
Set SMART Goals
Help Your Resolution Stick!
While making resolutions generally feels amazing in the moment, research has shown us that many of us who make resolutions struggle to turn them into long-term changes, despite our best intentions. If you are setting some new goals this year, check out the link below for some helpful guidelines on how to set SMART ones for yourself that actually last!
Upcoming February Equine Workshops
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  • Anger Management for Pre-Teens
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Clinician Spotlight
Jaclyn is a Masters level clinician who specializes in treating OCD and anxiety related disorders in all ages. She also works with those struggling with self harm, eating disorders, and depression.

Jaclyn utilizes empirically supported treatment methods that are personally applicable to her patients, allowing them to integrate these skills into daily lives, while aiming to improve their personal well-being and overall quality of life.

Jaclyn co-runs the MFS Teen DBT group, is our social media director and newsletter editor! She has been a part of the McCaskill Family for the past 5 years.

In her spare time, Jaclyn loves baking, going to the gym (because she loves baking), spending time with her friends, playing board games, and watching/learning from competitive baking shows on TV. She loves getting outside as often as possible, and can't wait to start traveling again!

If you and/or someone you know could benefit from working with Jaclyn, please contact our office at
or email us 734-416-9098 office@mccaskillfamilyservices.com.
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Editor's Notes
Newsletter Editor's Notes

The golden hour; Midnight on January 1st. Somehow, there is magic that fills the air during the shift from 11:59 to 12:00, making us feel like we have entered into a whole new space. While there is truth in this, as we have never experienced this new moment before, we are still the same person as we were at 11:59, just in a different minute.

At 12:01, I still have blonde hair, I still have the same friends, same psychology degree, same past....not much has changed. The only thing that actually shifts during these minutes is my mindset. My mindset changes from feeling the weight of the past to breathing in the hope of a new year. The tick of the clock encourages me to let go of things that have been holding me down, and shift my thinking to a lighter future. Mindset matters. It is one of the easiest, yet hardest things to alter. We can change it in an instant, but to get it to stick...that might take me until 2022.

As I look into the next year with a fresh mindset, I realize that many of my resolutions are still the same as they were the year prior (aka: workout, drink water, set healthy boundaries, give back to my community). This feels a bit off. Shouldn't I be goaling myself to do something different? If I'm making this a goal again, does that mean I didn't accomplish it last year? Will I this year? Then I realize...Mindset. If my mindset is different, my outcome will be different, even if the goal has stayed the same. So maybe the goal this year is not about setting "goals", but adjusting how we think about them and our ability to achieve them. For example: Instead of grumbling on my way to the gym at 7am, I find myself singing in the car and feeling grateful for an early start. Instead of stalling and being nervous to set boundaries, I attempt to set them a.s.a.p., telling myself I have the courage.

Same person, new mindset.
-Jaclyn Rink, MSCP, LLP

*Ready to start practicing this shift? Look below for a different way to think about 2020!