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I wish you much to celebrate this season! 

Within AWI, I am celebrating how well we have leveraged a new app from  Boston Children's Hospital. It starts as training 'on demand' and then when you complete the training, you can download their curriculum kit   for grade 8 and above. Since anyone can complete the training and access the materials, this means that AWI can collaborate with interested communities regardless of their location. 

The widest implementation has been with Rotary members and their Interact teen clubs to deliver a Peer Leadership & Depression Prevention project. Students give the resource  very high satisfaction rates (ex. Would you recommend this for a friend?). The content effectiveness is measured through surveys  that teens complete before and after implementation. The results are: 

Percentage improvement            (By country)
  77%;            97%;               9%     (USA)
146%;            32%;             10%     (Puerto Rico)
665%;            42%;             49%     (India)                            

The app may be accessed through this link:

Enjoy the season!

First-time parent workshops are available?    
This is
the earliest depression prevention resource I have found.    Check it out and please let me know about other resources to keep healthy kids healthy in the birth through pre-school ages.  
Featured guest

Ironically, Massachusetts topped U.S. News & World Report's new ranking of the best states in America even as 10% even of its middle school age children report suicidal ideation. How might Massachusetts reduce that number?

One way is by more communities using the resources developed by Margaret Hannah.
She is the Executive Director of the Freedman Center for Child and Family Development at William James College.  For more than 25 years, Margaret has been designing and developing programs and facilitating leadership programs, parent support groups, and evidence based prevention programs. Examples include:
- first-time parent workshops that build healthier infant/parent communication and parenting self-efficacy 
- activities in the virtual Wellness Center (within that are exercised  independently by children age 10 and older

They also provide the best assisted referral service in the state to 55 Massachusetts communities. It is called INTERFACE, where callers receive a match to a provider who has openings, takes their insurance, and is conveniently located. In addition the INTERFACE counselors help individuals navigate and better understand the complex mental health system and offer follow-up support (

If these resources exist, why does every middle school classroom have a child reporting suicidal ideation? Families are often not aware of what is available to prevent depression in a son or daughter. Although it would be easy for communities to promote, such as with a utility bill, few communities do. Each of us can generate ideas for preventing depression in our own community.
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Alex Kung introducing Whyville

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