Dear Friends, Family, and Supporters,

As a candidate for Lake County Board, I will not face the financial challenges that are posed by larger campaigns. Instead, as I mentioned in my first message, this is a more personal challenge.

From you, I seek the moral support that you have continued to show by encouraging me to speak out for justice, fairness, democracy, and good government.

Today I attended a meeting of the Lake County Board during which the board member who represents my district used her oath of office as a shield to defend her choice not to support greater voter empowerment in November.

She chose the constitutional interpretation that would permit her to vote against her own voters's interests. Our Lake County Board member let us down.

I am running for Lake County Board. If you wish to join the campaign, click on my linked name below to volunteer or talk about strategy!

Best regards,
A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is available on the Board’s official website ( or for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois.