January/February 2014
What will be all of your new and improved achievements in 2014?   
There is nothing quite like hanging up our new calendar to make us feel empowered by the possibilities of the months ahead.  
Ah, but not knowing where to focus your energies makes it hard to get started.  You might find some inspiration in a recent global survey from the Katzenbach Center at Booz & Company.  They found that there is something more important than corporate strategy, or operating models, to drive success.  Yet only half have it on their radar.  Give the video a listen so it's not off your radar for 2014!

Culture Is Key: 2013 Culture and Change Management Survey
Watch their video to find out the key


Their research found that culture was the most significant to success and we couldn't agree more.  Creating a fertile culture where innovation can thrive is critical.  That is why we have been working hard on a white paper that explores the 12 key areas your organization needs to look at in order to foster a successful innovation culture.  Look for our 38+ paged white paper in our next newsletter.  
In the meantime, enjoy:
From our Blog:
Four Obstacles to Innovation

Along the road to innovation nirvana, there are obstacles.  Common hurdles are:
# 1 - Gator Brian

When human beings get comfortable, their primitive brain - the gator brain - fights hard to keep change from happening.  Unfortunately the gator brain is old, but not wise.  read more


# 2 - Divergent and convergent thinking at the same time 

Creative thinking is the fuel that energizes innovation.  read more

# 3 - Mistaking good execution for good strategy

The commercial world is littered with well executed strategic plans that were focused on the wrong strategy.  read more 

#4 - Confusing 'protecting the status-quo' with avoiding risk

Go ahead, see what you can find that is new and interesting with your head down.  Not much.  read more

In Four Obstacles to Innovation you'll find "innovation driving" techniques to help manage these obstacles.
New & Improved, LLC
From our Blog:
Ways to Kick Innovation Hampering Habits
Recently, we ran across the book
The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.  In it, he describes how we might move from toxic behavior patterns to those that support our creativity and move us toward our goals.
read more 
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