I've always dreamed of playing in an orchestra.

I mean... I already play in a community orchestra. But I'd love to be in a professional orchestra.

I'm ashamed to say that I've let years go by where I've done nothing to make this happen. I've joined the groups that are in my immediate town, but haven't prepared any audition material or even introduced myself to someone who hires trumpet players.

But all that has changed in the past couple of weeks.

First, I'm a little disgusted with myself for letting this go. Life is short and you don't take action every day to reach your goals, you'll be full of regrets.

The first thing that I've done is reach out to the trumpet players in the professional orchestras that are within driving distance of my home. (90 miles... because I live in the middle of nowhere.)

I asked for lessons to begin with. I know they have a sub list, but I want to meet them in person and let them hear me play before I ask to be a sub.

I feel really good about taking that step. Now that they know I exist the chances of me getting a call went from zero to more than zero.

What small step will you take today?

But of course all the self promotion and networking won't mean squat if you can't back it up with some amazing playing.

Sometimes the only thing holding you back is your mind. Your inner beliefs, the things that you say to yourself before you step on stage and the way you approach practice.

Your thoughts and mental state can make an enormous difference in your playing.

And in James Newcomb's " Secrets of the Musical Mind" program he has interviewed some of the world's most elite trumpet players and found out what they do mentally to get to that level of playing.

It is available here for $49.
Thanks for listening to Trumpet Dynamics!


Mandy Marksteiner