June-July 2021
Learn Why You Might Overlook This Asset Class
Often an overlooked asset class, we believe that CLO equity deserves strong consideration as a strategic allocation given its attractive historical return profile, time-tested proven structure, and potential diversification benefits the asset class can provide a broader portfolio.

Here's What China's Transition to a Greener Economy Means for Investment Opportunities
China’s 2060 carbon-neutral framework not only addresses climate change, but also discreetly reveals how Beijing envisions the country’s economic future. As efforts to generate more sustainable growth progress, the transition to a greener economy will create diverse new investment opportunities. 

Remember These Three Indexing Best Practices
We recently worked with a client as it was evaluating a passive investment in large cap U.S. equity. After a discussion about the two most common indices used to represent the large cap U.S. equity market and what would be most appropriate for this investor, a committee member made a very interesting observation:

How Investors are Reevaluating Their Traditional Allocations so They are Aligned with Current Investment Opportunities
The impact of COVID-19, which surfaced in the U.S. over a year ago, continues to shape the global economic backdrop. As a result, many investors have started to reassess their traditional allocations to better align with the opportunity set going forward. For many credit investors, downside protection, capturing incremental yield premium and the threat of rising rates have become top of mind. To meet these goals, many have turned to the private credit asset class, specifically middle-market direct lending, which, in addition to offering these characteristics, has continued to benefit from on-going secular trends.  

What You Should Know About European Bank Valuations
With European bank valuations at a 33-year low, let's examine why this may be this best time to invest with the right strategy.

Exploring Consumer Trends: Whitepaper
Emerging markets offer attractive investment opportunities, supported by favorable economic fundamentals and a rapidly expanding middle class. But classic consumption patterns appear to be evolving, and this could have implications for emerging markets investors.

Should EM Investors be Worried About Tapering?
Although the Fed looks likely to tighten policy sooner than previously expected, the 2013 “taper tantrum” should be avoided. But tapering will still have a variety of implications for emerging markets.

A Complementary Source for Additional Yield
Although institutional investors’ allocation to publicly traded investment grade (IG) bonds is essential for liquidity and stability, yields today are historically low.

Registration Opening Soon for TEXPERS' Next
In-person Professional Development Opportunity
TEXPERS is putting the finishing touches on its Summer Educational Forum, set for Aug. 29-31 at the Grand Hyatt hotel in San Antonio.

You won't want to miss out on the networking, education, and training offered at this year's event. Click the link below for see a preliminary forum schedule. Be sure and check out the event page often as TEXPERS staff open registration and provide additional details about sponsors, speakers, and golfing.


Become a Sponsor and Support Trustee Education

TEXPERS Associate Advisor, Associate, Actuarial, Consultant, and Vendor members can become a sponsor of the forum and help our system members develop their professional skills. Click here to learn how you can get your organization in front of our membership.
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