April 2, 2021

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Students and Colleagues,

It’s finally here -- the time when all of us will be eligible for the safe, life-saving vaccines that will protect us and our friends and families from the life-threatening effects of COVID-19. Let’s all get our shots and do our part to help end the pandemic and return to normal as soon as possible.  

Governor Mills announced yesterday that all Mainers age 16 and above are eligible for no-cost COVID vaccines starting next Wednesday, April 7. 

Please take steps now to be ready!
Every University Community Member is Eligible

Here in Maine, every member of our university communities will be eligible for a COVID vaccine, even out-of-state and international students. Maine’s public health authorities have confirmed to us that all University of Maine System community members over the age of 16 who are living in Maine as students, staff or faculty members of the University of Maine System will be eligible for vaccination in Maine next week. 

Dr. Shah, the Director of the Maine Center for Disease Control, told us yesterday that a University ID Card will be accepted as proof of eligibility at vaccination clinics throughout the state.  

This Is Our Shot Maine

I got my shot to protect my family and coworkers and help end the pandemic. All of our presidents and the Dean of the Law School are getting vaccinated too.

We hope all of our students and colleagues will join us and get vaccinated before the end of the semester and get a safe, smart start to summer. We’ll have more to say next week about university-sponsored education opportunities and how we will support participation in the vaccination program. For now, please use the links provided above to learn more and get registered.

Thank you for all you have done and sacrificed this year to keep us safe and together. It’s time to take our shot to return to normalcy.
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Dannel P. Malloy
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