May 2018
Here is what "They" are saying
The Living In Place Institute has a vision.
ALL homes Accessible, Comfortable and Safe.

Now have now taken that vision into the classroom. If you would like to become a Certified Living In Place Professional (CLIPP) and do not want to travel, now there is an Accessible, Comfortable and Safe option to to traveling!

We just completed the first Live Interactive Virtual Education class for CLIPP. Here are just a few of the comments we received from the newest CLIPP graduates:

  • Denise from Canada said, "For me, this was an ideal set up. I didn't have to travel, saving travel and accommodation costs. Breaking the class into sections gave me time to digest each section without being inundated with more information that I could process."

  • Randall from South Dakota said, "The course is a game changer for someone wanting to move in this direction and separate themselves from the competition, and no travel."

  • Patti from California said, "I was amazed at the depth of information you provided, to ensure as CLIPP certified members we are aware of the issues and how to handle them professionally."

  • Lorna from Arizona said, "Good to know where we do not make recommendations and when to call in professionals."
Here is an idea...
The Living In Place Institute is constantly looking for ideas and information that you can use and share with your clients, helping all homes to be more accessible, comfortable and safe.

Here is one of the many innovations we have identified and are now sharing with you. We always thought these lines are attractive.

But, did you know this decorative accent stripe may prevent a dangerous fall? This feature provides a level horizon line for spatial orientation, and with the proper color contrast, the line helps us know, through depth perception, how far away the wall is.

The Certified Living In Place Professional course includes about 8 hours of design and produict information, plus statistics and trends, human medical and cognitive issues, marketing your certification, using an electronic home safety checklist, and much more!
Free Guidebook for Living In Place
Here is a wonderful Guidebook to help you further understand the concept and practical business application of Living In Place.

You will learn:
  • The need for safer homes
  • The Living In Place Solution
  • Just a few of the hundreds of designa nd product ideas you can include in ALL your projects, with live links for more information
  • Plus valuable information about becoming a Certified Living In Place Profesional

Click on the Guidebook to recieve your copy
What is CLIPP -
Why has it captured international interest?
Why is it working?
Certified Living In Place Professional (CLIPP) is not like any other program. CLIPP is not a limited-market approach to helping only those who are aging.

This is a new direction. An approach that Co-Founder Erik Listou describes as, "Our collective responsibility is to focus on our own unique area of expertise, then network with those from ALL other areas of expertise. This is the only way we can work together to make all homes, Accessible, Comfortable and Safe and help ALL of our clients to continue, Living In Place !
 "Our research into earlier programs led to some basic conclusions. First, and most significant...

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