Special State of the District Edition                                April 17, 2015
Vision, Values, Viking Pride

Donning a pair of blue and gold sunglasses, District Seven Superintendent, Dr. Russell Booker told a packed auditorium at the Chapman Cultural Center today that "the future for the district is so bright, we need to wear shades." 

During his 4th annual State of the District address to the community, Booker provided a summary of Spartanburg Seven's progress of the past five years and pointed to new opportunities on the horizon. Citing the district's rating of "Excellent" on the 2014 SC Report Card, the tremendous success of 7Ignites and being one of only a few districts in the state to be fully digital, Booker applauded D7's entrepreneurial and innovative spirit and challenged the community to continue to embrace programs and initiatives worthy of a 21st century education. 

With the year 2020, just around the corner, Dr. Booker touched on the importance of facilities and learning environments that support a generation of students who face a complex and competetive world. "Our graduates must have highly developed interpersonal skills, they will be required to be flexible and adaptable - to be ready for careers and professions that, as of yet, don't even exist. Their hopes and dreams for the future depend on our vision and our values. It is incumbent upon us to help our children achieve their greatest aspirations."

The more than 200 guests in attendance at the State of the District included key community partners, District 7 educators, staff, students and parents, as well as city and local officials.
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Plenty of Great to Celebrate!
We have Plenty of Great to Celebrate!
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"The future for the district is so bright, we need to wear shades!" 

    Dr. Russell Booker

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