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At Whitney Blake, we regularly receive quote requests from our
customers and are aiming to improve turn-around time .

there are just 5 key pieces of information
that will greatly expedite response time if provided
when requesting your quote(s).
By Providing These 5 Key Pieces
You Can Expect the Following:

✓ Improved Timeliness of Response for Both Parties

Exact Specs Provided - Which Confirms Pricing,
Capability, Ensures Design is Accurate

Engineer Expertise Value Add
We Are Hiring

We’re looking for people who want to become team members of a global corporation committed to the principles
of innovation to positively impact the
lives of its team and customer needs.

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Whitney Blake Company is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of custom cable,
coiled cords and cable assemblies for medical, industrial, military and transportation applications.
Our on-site design engineers support clients throughout the entire cable design process to
ensure cable assembly products perform to client's unique specifications and beyond.