#CleanWaterFast | Major fundraiser, Major impact

Now is the time to sign up to participate in the annual Clean Water Fast, EIA's biggest and most impactful annual fundraiser, set for Sept. 28-30.
When you decide to fast with EIA, you decide to make a major impact on the global water poverty crisis. Your 36 hour pledge shows your friends and family you care about EIA's mission and want to see it expand, so that more and
more lives are changed every year with the simple gift of clean, safe water.
As a Clean Water Fast participant, you'll set up your personalized page and share it across your networks, raising funds to increase EIA's ability to support communities like Ancoraimes, where nearly 300 teachers and students at a Methodist school do not have reliable access to safe water for hand washing or drinking, or proper sanitation facilities.
Make the pledge to consume  only water for 36 hours, so that those who are often thirsty can enjoy a luxury we often take for granted: clean, safe water. 
  • 36 hours of fasting in unison with EIA staff and supporters around the globe
  • Ask friends and family to support your challenge with a donation to your personal page provided by EIA using the handy resources we've provided at engineersinaction.org
  • Raise funds to be split 50/50 toward future travel with EIA as part of the Partner Challenge
NOTE: Over the next three weeks a set of  Special Edition: Clean Water Fast emails will be sent to your inbox. If you do not wish to receive them,  click here.
More news from Engineers in Action:
Travel Opportunity: 
EIA seeking engineers for upcoming project

Expand your career with a volunteer trip to Eucaliptus, Bolivia with Engineers in Action. Engineers are needed to design a hydraulic system that will provide the community of nearly 4,500 people with reliable access to safe water. 

Learn more about this opportunity, the perks of traveling with EIA and much more in our recent info session. Watch now on engineersinaction.org by clicking here.

Be a part of the global effort to end water poverty, encourage healthy families and increase local capacity so that all people, everywhere, can flourish. 

EIA featured at OU WaTER Conference

Executive Director Rod Beadle will present at the University of Oklahoma's WaTER (Water Technologies for Emerging Regions) Conference Monday, Sept. 18, sharing with audiences Engineers in Action's internally-developed asset-based community development (ABCD) selection process. ABCD considers the skills of local residents, the power of local associations and the supportive functions of local institutions to leverage existing community strengths to build stronger, more sustainable communities. Read more about EIA's ABCD selection process on engineersinaction.org here.

The University of Oklahoma WaTER Conference Sept.18-19 brings together participants from multiple disciplines from around the globe in response to the UN Sustainable Development Goals of bringing water and sanitation to emerging regions. This bi-annual event offers attendees a forum for sharing experiences and discussing challenges and solutions. 

Post-conference workshops will also be held Sept. 20-21. Sessions address an array of water-related topics, such as assessment of WASH interventions, behavior change, climate change, fluoride effects and mitigation, gender and social equity, hydro-philanthropy, social entrepreneurship and water technologies for emerging regions. 

This year's Conference welcomes back Water Prize winners from the previous 10 years, and will provide ample networking opportunities for more than 160 participants from around the globe. For more information, go to: water.ou.edu.

Wondering what we're up to? 
Here's a short list of some of our biggest priorities right now.

South America Operations:
  • Implementing the renovation of restrooms in Ancoraimes as a part of the UMCOR Grant.
  •  Working on the UMCOR midterm report.
  • Preparing to host EWB impact team that will assess past EIA + EWB programs in Bolivia.
  • Coordinating materials with the Methodist Church for the Timusi implementation project.
  • Looking for and working on the design of B2P projects.
  • Discussing possible projects to collaborate on with Rotary International.
North America Operations
  • Visiting our new office in Quito. 
  • Helping to  train new staff in water testing and survey equipment. 
  • Preparing for four teams who will be coming to Ecuador between September and January.
  • Visiting Communa Guangaje in advance of the Indianapolis Professionals EWB team coming in September.
  • Visiting our La Paz office to prepare for several more teams coming before the end of the year. 
  • Developing our plans and budgets for 2018. 
  • Attending the Oklahoma WaTER conference 
  • Travelling to Atlanta for the Georgia Tech intern Fair. 
  • Visiting several schools along the way to talk about our intern and service learning programs.

Update to EIA contact info

Update your contacts with Engineers in Action's new physical mailing address:

Engineers in Action
6910 E 14th St.
Tulsa, OK 74112