Triangle Square & Your Experience
The Triangle is an important landmark in our community. Currently, they are taking a hard look at their retail experience from all angles (no pun intended).
To gather the insight needed to ensure that their effort is a success, the Chamber is helping them reach out to you, whether positive or negative they want to hear it!
It's a quick 10 question survey.
Thanks in advance for your contributions and your participation, and for continually making our community better!
"Good Day LA Comes your way... Costa Mesa” 
This is an exciting, LIVE community event that celebrates the city, local businesses, and citizens that live here. On the morning of, TV anchors Bob DeCastro, Vanessa Borge, and OC native Megan Colarossi will be live at the venue, showcasing some of the amazing businesses that make Costa Mesa truly unique!

 Free coffee will be served! If unable, you can always join in the fun by watching the coverage live on FOX 11, or by watching the live stream at ! Throughout the morning segment, multiple Costa Mesa businesses will be featured.