June 2023

Graduation season brings with it a lot of nostalgia.

We look back at the years that have passed, how our children have grown and the lessons they have learned; we remark on the ending of one chapter of life. We celebrate graduation with commencement, which of course means “a beginning,” and that’s exactly how I’m feeling about the Class of 2023.


These scholars are stepping into the world with hard-earned knowledge that compares to no other time in recent memory. Three quarters into their freshmen year, they went home uncertain as to if or when they would return to school. This class spent most of their sophomore year watching their classes on a computer screen. Junior year they returned to school, masked and distanced, learning to shift and stretch to catch up and complete coursework while finding new ways to connect with peers on fields, courts, stages and studios. Senior year some of the familiar returned: crowded stadiums, dances, packed auditoriums and teachers no longer hid their smiles behind masks. 


Four short years – so much change. 


A lot has also changed at shift_ed. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to meeting students and graduates where they are. Our drive to accelerate their learning and earning potential does not waiver. Our vision to transform our community with diverse opportunities in work and education will never falter. The work is bold and challenging, and we are here for every bit of it.


Our graduates begin their next journey prepared. Some have already begun careers, building for Guilford County’s future. Some have college or a trade school up next, and others are still forming a plan. They are all exactly where they need to be, and shift_ed is ready to walk with them as they commence. Congratulations Class of 2023!



shift_ed has volunteers and work-study students in GCS elementary schools nearly every day helping scholars improve their reading. We use a program called Helping Early Learners with Practice Strategies (HELPS).

shift_ed is proud to bring HELPS Tutoring to GCS Elementary Schools.
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June 9

Last Day of School

June 9-11 GCS Graduations

August 3 First Day for Early/Middle Colleges and Academies: Academy at Smith, Kearns Academy, MC at GTCC Greensboro, Jamestown, High Point, The A&T Four MC & STEM EC at NC A&T

August 3 First Day for Middle College UNCG, Early College at Guilford & Greensboro College Middle College

August 8 First Day for Extended Year Schools

August 28 First Day of School - Traditional

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We love hearing your success stories! Did your child improve their reading with the help of shift_ed elementary tutoring? Was your middle schooler inspired by the careers they matched in the YouScience Assessment? Does your high schooler feel more prepared for college thanks to a shift_ed workshop? Is a shift_ed scholarship helping you or your child pay for college? If you answered "yes" to any of these, you have a shift_ed scholar in the family, and we want to celebrate them!

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