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Heather Kelly, CEO
Hoping to deceive readers and maximize traffic, fake news has become a serious problem, damaging credible journalism and causing people to lose trust in the media.

Spot fake news by asking yourself these three questions:

1. Has the story been reported elsewhere? ( A quick Google search will confirm. )
2. Have you ever heard of the source that published the article? ( Narnia Times probably isn't a real magazine. )
3. Does the website look authentic? ( Or was it made on Geocities ? )
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Want to reach your on-the-go target audience?

Simplicity in your social ads is best.

The key to turning those boring mobile ads into #thumbstopping , like-worthy content is to include creative imagery and a short, but compelling, call to action.
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This summer, the entire SSPR team participated in communication boot camp every Friday afternoon, diving into the psychology of how we communicate in business.

Activity: Start counting (and then eliminating) how many "Ums" and "Likes" you use in your day-to-day speech.
Hint: It's harder than you think.