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February 2, 2020

Notes from the Chair:

No Time to feel sad, no time to be down, no time to stop working! Remember the final jury will be the American People next November!

Before we jump into the judicial election discussion, Iet’s think about the Impeachment trial or lack thereof. We know Trump is a scoundrel and deserves to be convicted but given the vote on witnesses, next Wednesday the Senate will no doubt vote to acquit. The Republicans are unscrupulously killing the process and conviction was never in the cards given their lack of ethics and courage. What this is really about for us Democrats is unseating some Senators next November plus and more importantly defeating Trump in a landslide. That will a send message to the bigots, misogynists, white nationalists and the world that we really are a progressive country that cares about all human beings and our environment. So be resolved to do all you can to defeat Trump, Cornyn, and Roy!!! That is our mission and why we are doing what we are doing.  We are just starting and with hard work from all of us we can win . We all want to have an answer in future years when we are asked “what did you do to stop this tyranny”.  Join with us to turn Texas Blue. 
With horror, I just read that Thump is reinstating the use of landmines. So much for our leadership to ban these horrible weapons that so often end up targeting civilians. Almost every country in the world bans their use.
Just another reason to elect a Democratic President next November.
Election Basics Part III – The importance of voting down ballot in the judicial races.

Judges in Texas compete in partisan elections during even-numbered years. The state holds primary elections, runoff elections and general elections. We are one of 23 states that have judicial elections. Below is a table from Ballotpedia showing the various Texas judicial elections and the terms they serve:
Here is a list of the judicial contests that will be on the Kendall County Primary Ballot:
In the contested judicial races, you must decide how you will vote and that will take some research. You should look for judicial candidates that have experience and integrity. They should demonstrate the ability to enforce our criminal laws and decide civil cases efficiently and fairly. They should apply the constitution and laws in a consistent and fair manner. Also, they need to be capable of defeating their Republican opponent in November. You can get a feel for each candidate by going to their campaign websites. The League of Women Voters   Hill Country League of Women Voters will have unbiased information soon and you can check out their site. Also, Ballotpedia   and Vote Smart will have information. Finally, the Express News will make recommendations on the Editorial Page that you can review. As I said it will require work but voting down ballot is a right and privilege that we should all take very seriously.
The Kendall County Democratic Party encourages you to vote in the Democratic Primary and to make a vote plan prior to going to your polling location.
  Kevin Henning
Kendall County Democratic Party Chair
Washington Post
Updated Jan. 30, 2020

Which of these 2020 Democrats agrees with you most?

We voters will soon begin choosing our preferred candidate for president. The Washington Post has asked each Democratic candidate where they stand on  more than 85 policy questions . From the candidates answers they have created a quiz for us to identify which candidate we mostly agree with . T hey have created 20 questions. They find these questions particularly interesting, mostly because the questions reveal big differences between the remaining major candidates. They haven’t asked the campaigns about every topic, but the selection tries to cover a variety of issues. Below is the link to the Washington Post's website. Answer as many questions as you like.

Calling All Artists!
Exhibit in our Office Art Gallery!

The KCDP/BAD office has an Art Gallery, featuring work by local Democratic artists. We’ll choose a new artist to feature each month. All proceeds from the sale of your art will benefit KCDP.

The featured artist will provide up to four works (no larger than 8x10 each) and a gallery tag describing each piece and its “suggested donation.” The artist is responsible for bringing in their artworks, hanging them (using the picture rail and hanging hardware), placing the pricing tags, and removing their work when their month is complete. KCDP office staff will handle the sale of any works.

If you’d like to see a full set of guidelines, email Laura Bray

Any questions? Want to sign up for a month?
Contact Laura Bray, laurabray61@gmail.com 210-884-6843.
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Digital Office Hours: Now Featuring Short Training Videos
Our Wednesday “Digital Office Hours” have hosted a steady stream of visitors. Laura will feature one or two training videos from the Texas Democratic Party training website on our big screen TV.
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