Becoming a walking encyclopedia of the Holy Land!
"These two years gave us a great opportunity to understand the archaeological and historical sites in our country. We received a depth of knowledge about the history of our Palestinian cause."

Palestinian Cuisine, Music and Heritage – the perfect combination!
Everybody is welcome to come and live an incredible experience here at the Holy Land, to walk in the streets, see and meet the people, have great memories and definitely try the local amazing Palestinian food that is served to you with passion and love from the people of the Holy Land. 
Bible Live: World Refugee Day
On World Refugee Day, we remember all people who have had to flee from their homes because of wars and we pray for peace and an end to the conflicts that drive people from their homelands.

What’s Next After the Ceasefire?
What happens next since the shooting is over? What’s the aftermath of the war? Our feelings are so conflicted that we cannot explain or understand them. Is it joy that the war has ended? Or fear of it coming back again?

BethBC 2021 Graduation
At Bethlehem Bible College, like the rest of the world, we faced a very challenging year. Yet it came to an end. And here we are celebrating another graduation!

  • Pray for our graduates as they begin a new phase in life.
  • Lift up the summer camp that will take place this July.
  • Pray for the provision and blessing of the Shepherd Society as they continue to serve.
  • Pray for our Tawjihi (high school) students as they finish their final exams and make future plans.