*The above graphic illustrates how much a lack of funding directly affects an educators’ salary in Prince George’s County in comparison to other districts and counties in the region and state.
On Wednesday April 10, nearly 150 educators, parent, and community members gathered for PGCEA’s most recent round of bargaining with PGCPS . We presented proposals on the final two planks outlined in our “ Bargaining for the Public Good ” platform proposals :

  1. Restorative Practices
  2. Professional Autonomy and Voice  

Key Session Takeaways:

  • As a part of our compensation package we are pushing for a three year contract with step restoration, steps moving forward for every member and a 10% Cost of Living Adjustment over the life of the contract.

  • PGCPS response to our salary proposals included step increases and Cost of Living Adjustments(COLA), however, PGCPS did NOT include any step restoration in their response.

  • PGCPS did agree with PGCEA that new hire salary placement would be capped at 10 years unless a critical need area is determined.

  • PGCPS proposed that tuition reimbursement funding be increased by $500,000 instead of $2 million that PGCEA proposed.

  • An important part of these negotiation process for us is to push PGCPS to quickly pass policies that will protect teachers from administrators.


Now it’s time to pressure the county council and ensure that they fully fund our public schools. Join us on April 16 th and tell your story of why you believe our county council should support our “Bargaining for the Public Good” platforms.