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September 18-21, 2012

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Lasting Impressions

"Fabulous, refreshing, informative and practical"


"Congratulations to the Museumwise Institute for delivering on all your promises you made about his place, the presenters and this experience. I'm leaving here with a renewed sense of confidence and I'm giving myself permission to be the best leader I could be ... We're just coming up on the horizon." 


"Invigorating, inspiring and a great reminder of our purpose in museums..."


"... the most inspirational event of my museum career. This was exciting, fulfilling and I know I'll return to the museum refreshed and ready to look at things more clearly. The camaraderie I have developed will last a lifetime."


"Sagamore was everything I expected and more...My time here just reminded me that I'm part of a great, wonderful and welcoming community..."

June 22, 2012
Is this the year you will discover the Museum Institute at Sagamore?

Now is the time...

Be a part of this year's Museum Institute at Sagamore  


  Only do what only you can do.


Sage advice but how do we incarnate this directive within our institutions, among our staffs and for ourselves? Join us to explore the essence of being a Director. This year's Institute is ideal for those who are directing a museum, chairing a board, or aspiring towards leadership.


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis - now is the time... apply today! 

About the Institute

Envision a conversation between enlightened colleagues - ideas spark and are encouraged to burn brightly into action.

That is what you can expect from the 2012 Museum Institute at Sagamore.


The Museum Institute at Sagamore is a four-day retreat for museum staff, trustees & volunteers at Great Camp Sagamore in the Adirondacks. The Institute supports a hands-on/hands-dirty approach, inviting presenters & participants to fully engage a topic with the goal of creating an engaging, inspiring and practicable discussion.  


The 2012 Institute will take place September 18-21st. Acceptance to the Institute is by application only -

click here for an application. 

For additional information on the Museum Institute at Sagamore, please visit our website   

Sneak Peek
Here's a peek to give you a sense for what's in store at this year's Institute...

Museum Institute at Sagamore 2012
Museum Institute at Sagamore 2012

We will delve into the following topics at this year's Institute...   

  • Planning your professional success - planning, positioning and advocating for professional advancement/recognition
  • 10 things I wish I hadn't learned the hard way - lessons from those who've been there
  • Productive strategies for surpassing entrenchment 
  • Collaboration, partnership, sharing - fostering symbiotic relationships
  • Institutional planning, a holistic and inclusive approach
  • Eyes above the horizon - waxing trends in the museum field
  • Effective engagement - tools and strategies for maximizing your communications (& relationships) with the visitors, stakeholders, board, volunteers, staff members
  • The integrated museum, holistically engaging the different aspects of museum operations to create meaningful experiences
  • Jack of all trades - master of self, tools and strategies to successfully managing the various tasks which have been pinned to your job description
Be in touch if you plan to apply for this year's Institute. We hope to see you in the Adirondacks!

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Catherine Gilbert,
Executive Director