The difference that I learned of people who succeed
at a high level and people that don’t – is that people who succeed at a high level: learn from their failures,
get up and go on.

Gary Keller, Founder of Keller Williams
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What to do with your Vacation Home as Summer Ends

As summer comes to a close, is it time to think about selling your vacation home? Based on recent data and expert opinions, it’s something you may want to consider. According to research from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), vacation home sales are up 57.2% year-over-year for January-April 2021. If you’ve taken your last vacation this summer, here are reasons you should consider selling your vacation home this year.

1. Remote work continues to drive demand for vacation homes.
As the report from NAR says, based on continuously evolving work needs, there could be more interest in your second home than you think.

2. Selling could allow you to upgrade your vacation spot – or even your day-to-day scenery. When demand is high, so is buyer competition. When competition is strong, buyers will do everything they can to make their offer on your vacation home as appealing as possible. click to read more
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6 ideas for an Eco-Friendly Home

What makes a home environmentally friendly? Some people believe that simply adding green features (such as solar panels on the roof) is enough to qualify a standard home as green. Others argue that certification through green building programs such as LEED is the only way to be sure a home meets adequate sustainability standards. However, most people agree that sustainable home building offers numerous advantages to both homeowners and communities.

There are many ways to incorporate eco-friendly elements into a home.
Below are 7 suggestions to get you started:

Eco-friendly building materials: these are made from renewable resources, have a low impact on the environment and are non-toxic like bamboo and wool; or using recycled products like woods and metals.

Household Water Conservation: Install energy and water efficient appliances like minimal water flush toilets, dishwashers, and washing machines.

Solar Panels: They can be smaller panels in your yard or larger panels on a roof and used for outdoor lighting, water heaters, or a majority of your electrical home needs.

Rainwater Harvesting: Installing a rainwater harvesting system saves water consumption by up to 50%. This is one of the easiest and most energy-efficient ways to save water. Rain barrels can reuse water for watering gardens or landscape irrigation systems.

Geothermal Energy: Geothermal energy is heat within the earth and is a source of renewable energy. It can heat and cool your home, preserving natural resources with no harm to the environment.

LED Lighting: LED lights save up to 90% energy compared to a traditional light with the same light output.

Because green homes are rapidly becoming mainstream, building an eco-friendly home has never been easier. Click here to see an infographic for more green friendly home ideas. Whether you are planning to do the work yourself or hire a contractor, see how green you can go with your next home-building or remodeling project.
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With Rents on the Rise, is now the time to Buy?
According to recent data from, median rental prices have reached their highest point ever recorded in many areas across the country. The report found rents rose by 8.1% from the same time last year. As it notes: “Beyond simply recovering to pre-pandemic levels, rents across the country are surging. Typically, rents fluctuate less than 1% from month to month. In May and June, rents increased by 3.0% and 3.2% from each month to the next.” click here to read more.
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