Prop 65
What is Proposition 65?
In 1986, California voters approved an initiative to address their growing concerns about exposure to toxic chemicals on products sold in the state of California.

The reason this "old" legislation is creating so much noise now is that new safe harbor warning changes were adopted in August of 2016 and became effective on August 30th 2018.

These new changes cover:

  • Listing at least one of the chemicals that prompted the warning
  • Lists the internet address for the OEHHA's new Proposition 65 warning website,
  • A triangular yellow warning symbol on most warnings

Design Changes - What is required
How ALG can help you comply
ALG has a process in place to provide Prop 65 material compliance information provided by our suppliers, to our customers.

While ALG does not control or have knowledge of the end uses of the products we produce or their distribution, it is highly unlikely that exposure to ALG products would exceed the Safe Harbor levels outlined in Prop 65.

If your company supplies products into the state of California and you need to inquire about the regulatory status of ALG produced parts for Prop 65 compliance, reach out to your ALG Customer Service or Sales Representative. They will walk you through the steps as to how we can assist.

QR Codes
What is a QR Code?
QR or Quick Response codes, are 2D codes that can provide detailed and variable messaging to the user by simply using a smartphone to scan.

The information encoded can range from variable data to static content such as links to websites providing users access to online resources. Here are few examples:

  • Variable Data: Serial numbers, sequential numbers, part and model numbers, manufacturing or service dates
  • Online Resources: User manuals, product registration, safety information.

Why Use a QR Code?

QR Codes can provide a variety of messaging options as well as range of sizes based upon the space available, making it a versatile barcode option. Here are some of the top reasons to consider using a QR Code:

  • Delivers a wide range of data: Delivers static OR variable data or a combination
  • More data space: Provides more space for data than a 1D barcode as data can be encoded both horizontally and vertically.
  • Easier to scan: A QR Code can scan at any angle and from any direction making it easier to access information with less interference.

QR Code Design
QR code design is much more than entering your information in a code generator. Depending on the information to be delivered and what format you want the person scanning the code to see, this information then must be designed based on the following design elements:

  • Cell size: How big or small the QR code must be.
  • Content format: How many numeric or alphanumeric characters are needed to deliver the required content.
  • Error correction: Ability to "self-correct" when a code is dirty or damaged, also can factor into how the data is encoded.

To learn more about how delivering a 100% readable QR Code starts with proper design, Read More.
100% QR Code Verification
ALG ensures that all codes are able to be scanned and that the correct content is delivered every time. This is done through ALG's 100% in-line inspection system.

This system provides grading and verification of each manufactured product while the job is being printed. The following are key areas of this verification process:

  • Scanning: Ensures that the content of the code can be easily scanned.
  • Grading: Requires that the barcode meets a predetermined standard. ALG has adopted the ISO/IEC 15415 standard for 2D codes.
  • Verification: Ensures that the intended content of the code has been encoded correctly.

To learn more about code scanning, grading and verification, Read More.
Safety & Warning Labels
So many choices!
Sizes, Shapes, Materials and Certifications

At ALG, we print millions of Safety & Warning decals every year. These decals are produced for customers that need performance across a wide range of conditions such as chemical resistant, outdoor durable, high heat, with UV protection, and fade and scratch resistance.

We also produce decals to a variety of UL standards to meet many different conditions while manufacturing the products under our ISO 2008:2015 certification.

Along with a wide range of substrate options, ALG offers a variety of printing processes to meet these custom decals requirements. To learn more about ALG's Safety & Warning decals, Read More.
ALG Premium Vinyl
Our Top Performing Vinyl

ALG Premium Vinyl is used daily to produce thousands of Safety & Warning decals for a wide range of manufacturing industries. This product is known for delivering long term performance at a good value.

Some other key reasons so many manufacturers choose this material are:

  • Outdoor Durability of 5+ years
  • Provides permanent adhesion to many different types of surfaces
  • Delivers good initiative tack for fast application, even in cold temperatures
  • Minimal shrinkage once applied
  • Holds fine print detail while delivering vibrant colors

With over 20 years of in-the-field performance, ALG continues to produce millions of square inches of this proven product annually. To learn more about ALG's Premium Vinyl, Read More.

Other substrates ALG manufactures Safety & Warning labels are Polycarbonate, Polyester, Aluminum, Reflective and more.
Roll-to-Roll Premium Vinyl
Sheeted Premium Vinyl
ALG Safety Colors
Premium Color, Outdoor Durability

ALG Safety Colors were developed using single grind, industrial grade inks that deliver rich, pigmented colors. These inks perform well in the elements, with proven abrasion resistant properties and excellent light-fastness.

With 20+ years proven performance in the field, ALG Safety Colors provide a superior ink system for our customers and are matched to the ANSI approved standards.
UL Approved
Need a UL Approved Safety & Warning Decal?

ALG has a wide variety of UL Approved recipes for Safety & Warning decals. Using up to 5 printing processes, these products are certified in both Canada and the US.

If ALG does not have a current UL system already approved to meet your UL requirements, our UL Coordinator will work with you to get a suitable label construction with UL approval.

For more information on UL, Read More.
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