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November 2023 Newsletter

This Month, It's All About You

As we get closer to the end of another year, we have so much to share with you. How many people we helped. How many lawsuits we filed. How many resources we created to help you advocate for your rights.

But we’re saving that news for next month. Today we want to focus on you. We want to share the stories YOU have told us. Stories about how you are fighting for the rights of people with disabilities and allowed us to come alongside you.

Thelma speaking at a press conference

School shouldn’t hurt

Thelma knew something was wrong when her happy little four-year-old boy started having nightmares, grinding his teeth, and experiencing meltdowns. She eventually learned that he and other students in his special education class were regularly being dragged, forced into chairs, and strapped down. She filed allegations of abuse with Child Protective Services which concluded no abuse took place.

Scared and frustrated, she called DRTx. We filed a complaint with the Texas Education Agency (TEA), arguing that the school failed to provide behavioral supports and unlawfully restrained him. TEA found in favor of Damian, and we were able to secure compensatory education services for him.

“I don’t want any more children to experience the trauma my son did,” said Thelma. “Texas needs to do more to protect our children.” She went on to work with other parents and organizations like DRTx to educate lawmakers on this issue. Texas legislators eventually passed a law this year to protect young children from dangerous restraints.

Linda in her kitchen

She can breathe again

For 33 years, Linda had taken care of herself and her four children. A few years ago she entered a mental health facility and was placed under guardianship. After recovering, she wanted to have the guardianship removed. After trying unsuccessfully for more than a year to contact the court and her court-appointed lawyer, she eventually contacted DRTx. We were able to represent her and get her rights restored.

“I feel like I can breathe again,” said Linda. “I have my freedom back. I have my family back.” DRTx continues to help others like Linda. We also educated Texas lawmakers in the past legislative session about people like her, and a new law passed that helps people with disabilities remove unnecessary guardianships that severely restrict their rights.

More to tell

We have so many more stories. Thousands. These are just a few. Please know that we are going to keep doing this work until our vision of a fully accessible Texas becomes a reality. Thank you for the many ways you support us in making that happen.

Imagine 2023

Our Season of Giving kicked off on November 1, and in case you missed it, we have some fun things planned for those who get involved. You can:

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Certain rules apply to #2 and #3, so get all the details on our Imagine 2023 page.

Imagine a Texas that's fully accessible

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