This is always one of the most inspirational times of the year on the Dorothy ‘Bibby’ Alfond Campus of The Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanderers . The helpers are showing up many times each day with gifts, good cheer and stories of HOPE . They bring the hope of mittens, socks, toys, warm coats, boots and so much more. Friends and strangers are deeply committed to making sure that Maine children will have a safe, warm and welcoming Christmas . We are also greeted by hundreds of parents and families each day that are so touched and overwhelmed to know that so many people care about the well-being of their children. We are also deeply grateful for the hundreds of volunteers who have given so much of themselves over the past two months to bring the Christmas Program to life. 

    This season of caring reminds me of this wonderful quote from President George H.W. Bush:  “We are a nation of communities...a brilliant diversity spread like stars, like a thousand points of light in a broad and peaceful sky.”  We are so thankful for so many points of light and love that have helped in our work.

    We have shared many needs and concerns with you and others in our communities and we have been overjoyed with the response. We were very honored with the participation in the Sukeforth Family Festival of Trees, the New Balance Foundation and the extraordinary donations for the Christmas Program. Once again, hundreds of businesses and community groups have done drives based on our Christmas Needs List and reached out to help make sure that we can meet the needs of girls and boys all over the state of Maine. We are also deeply thankful for the Marden’s support once again with the Red Stocking Campaign

    We celebrate the amazing care, concern, light and hope for those we are helping and encouraging to bring more peace, safety, hope and growth for all Maine Families. We are so grateful for you and your support.

May the light, hope and joy of this season once again be with you and your family.