Bifunctional molecules are powerful tools for drug research and therapeutic applications.
They are opening up once inaccessible targets and enabling development of drugs that are less susceptible to target protein mutations. One such class of bifunctional molecules is proteolysis targeting chimera molecules, or PROTACs.

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WuXi AppTec to Showcase Scientific Expertise at AACR 2021
Our scientists are excited to showcase their novel research during this year's AACR Annual Meeting, April 10-15, 2021. Attend our poster presentations, and visit our virtual exhibition to get your urgent oncology drug discovery questions answered by our experienced scientists.

Pre-arrange your one-on-one meeting with our team here or email Wendy Liu directly.
In the News
DELFinder helps Janssen R&D team to review published hit-to-lead optimization studies following DEL screens.
Our DEL-related online database has helped Wolkenberg's team from Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc to complete a search of DEL-related publications, and the result was successfully published in the journal ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters.
Up-coming Webinar  
April 29th | 11:00 am EDT / 4:00 BST / 5:00 CET
Peptides can function, as antibiotics, modulators of signaling pathways, inhibitors of protein-protein interactions, as well as smaller, synthetic analogs of biologics; in aggregate, they promise to enable new opportunities for therapeutic intervention.

Join our webinar to review:
• Comparison of existing strategies for peptide hit discovery with next-generation approaches and some of the ingenious techniques for producing, displaying, encoding and screening libraries to identify high-affinity binders with strong functional activity.
• Application of concomitant advances in the generation and incorporation of non-natural building blocks and PEGylation, as well as the introduction of constrained secondary structure elements, such as a macrocyclisation
• Advanced synthesis and SAR development techniques
• How novel formulation strategies and techniques at the GMP stage are surmounting legacy barriers to delivery of peptides
Join our Symposium on Novel Computational Approaches for Hit Generation
New developments in computational chemistry have led to the creation of ultra-large virtual libraries of compounds while new in silico screening approaches are enabling project teams to explore this vast chemistry space to identify novel hits. Join this three-day symposium to explore these latest technologies and how these hits are transferred from virtual to reality.
Hear from and engage with leading experts in their fields across top companies including Schrodinger, BioSolveIT and more.  The symposium will feature interactive round table discussions and topics will include:
  • Designing, building and searching ultra-large virtual libraries
  • In silico high throughput screening utilizing the latest modelling and cloud based approaches
  • Converting virtual hits to reality
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Oligonucleotide& Precision Therapeutics Virtual Congress
Meet with Yu Chen, Senior Director, Research Service Division to learn more about our platform to accelerate Oligo-based drug discovery.
AACR Annual Meeting
Have an oncology question or project you’d like to discuss? Contact Wendy Liu, Associate Director, Research Service Division. Don’t forget to meet our experts on our virtual booth and join our eposter presentations. Full list of posters here.
Meet Juergen Boer, Director of Business Development of Research Service Division during Biovaria. Learn more about our innovative platforms.
32nd Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry in Eastern England
Meet or experts, Nick Camp and Susanne Wright, during the annual conference of the Royal Society of Chemistry Biological & Medicinal Chemistry Sector (BMCS)