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February , 2017
Dr James G Wellborn

With the popularity of the teen video series 13 Reasons Why, the next couple of newsletters will be dedicated to things related to that series.  The Stranger in My House section has the first set of articles from my blog series 13 Things To Talk To Your Kids About 13 Reasons Why.  The Library has some upcoming seminars Dr. Wellborn will be conducting.  The Family Room talks about the weird fun of taking the family to the Wizard World Comic Con convention.  And, one "movie" in 13 episodes, i.e., 13 Reasons Why, is recommended in the Family Theater .
There's A Stranger In
My House
Recent blogs about raising teens.   
13 Things To Talk To Your Kids About 13 Reasons Why
Thirteen Reasons Why, a video series based on a best-selling teen novel, is the story of a 17 year old girl who commits suicide and leaves 13 tapes for each of the people who contributed to her decision to commit suicide.  It was VERY popular with teens.  This is the first set of a series of blogs that identify issues raised in each episode with some ideas about how parents can address them with their teenager.

The Library
Useful information for parents of teens

This 4 hour seminar for parents and kids focuses on essential parenting strategies for teens, improving communication, establishing an alcohol and drug policy and developing a fair and effective discipline plan.  You and your kid get to practice some of the techniques right there in the seminar (in the privacy of a meeting room full of other families).  It is relaxed, informative and fun (at least for the parents).  And there is food!  Join us for the next seminar on Saturday, September 9 from 8-12.   You have to register first though. Find out more and sign up.  

The Adult Chair Podcast with Michelle Chalfant
 This month Dr. Wellborn will be talking with Michelle about teen vaping and alcohol & drug experimentation.  Find out more here
The Family Room
Activities that bring families together
Wizard World Comic Con Nashville 
Now THIS is a convention you can take the whole family to.  Seminars, costume contests, celebrity meet and greets, toys for kids and collectors.  Read more about why Comic Con can be a great family activity. 
Family Theater
Movies that are more than entertainment
Since the focus of this newsletter is the 13 Reasons Why cable series, watch it with your kids.  Get ready for an emotional roller coaster of a ride.  And, arm yourself for discussions afterward (that you will probably have to initiate) by reading the posts mentioned in There's A Stranger In My House above.   
13 Reasons Why (PG-13, R for some episodes)
Drama: This video series, based on a best-selling teen novel, is the story of a 17 year old girl who commits suicide and leaves 13 tapes for each of the people who contributed to her decision to commit suicide.  There are 13 episodes, one for each tape.  Everyone is talking about this series; kids because they love it, adults because they hate it.  There is depression, achievement pressure, angst, missed opportunities, substance abuse, parental neglect, risk taking, gay positive and gay negative messages, poor decision making, love, sex, pregnancy scares, loyalty, morality, bullying, sexual harassment, accidental death, rape and, ultimately, suicide.  And it is a really good show.  These things are happening in your kid's school; not to everyone but kids hear about it, know about it or, unfortunately, have experienced it.  This is a great, indirect way to get conversations going with your kid about the darker side of adolescence.  Unfortunately, it does have the potential to glorify cynicism, despair and even suicide which is why I want you watching this with your kid.  They are going to see it (if they haven't already).  Go through it together.  You need to have the chance to influence what they take from the story.  (Check out a review from Common Sense Media)

You can find all kinds of resources including an extensive list of movies that have a point by visiting the resource pages over on my website. The links in the right margin of this newsletter will take you right to them.
Don't forget to hug your kid.  The start of the school year is stressful for all of y'all (not to mention watching emotionally wrenching shows together).  


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