July Newsletter: Issue #19

The New Tax Law Has  Changed How You 
Can Write Off Client and Employee Perks

Businesses may need to categorize their meals and entertainment expenses separately, as you cannot write them off like before.  

We've been implemented this change for many of our clients, so let us know if you need any help updating your books! 

Order Checks for Quickbooks - by Alexis

Alexis reviews step-by-step how to order checks that will be compatible with your QuickBooks account! 

Order Checks
Click the video above for the tutorial

Here is where you can order checks and follow along with the video: 

Here is a step by step guide from QuickBooks Help on how  to identify performance issues with your QuickBooks Desktop file.

If you need additional QuickBooks help, making an appointment with an experienced bookkeeper is easy.  

Select a calendar to schedule an appointment or 15 minute introductory call:

Our Local UFO 

On December 22nd of last year, Spacex launched its Falcon 9 rocket from  a base near Santa Barbara.  It got so high in the atmosphere (to the Earth's mesosphere) that the rocket was seen throughout Southern California and even in some neighboring states.  

Most people did not know the launch was going to take place, and at first thought that th e rocket was actually a UFO!

We are happy to introduce Noah Raney, one of our friends at Intuit.  

You may run into him on the mountains, shredding some snow during the winter, or catching waves in Hawaii during the summer...click here for more

Here's the latest pricing promo available on 
QuickBooks Enterprise, offer ends July 13th:
QuickBooks Promo
New Shortcuts  In 2018 QuickBooks Desktop

Two new shortcuts were added to QuickBooks Desktop 2018:
  • Copy a row by using Ctrl + Alt + Y 
  • Paste the copied row to a new line using Ctrl + Alt + V
This will work in invoices, estimates, sales receipts, orders, credit memos, purchase orders and timesheets.  

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