National Newsletter Spring 2018
Welcome to 2018!
Spring has eluded us here in the northeast, teasing us with a nice day or two only to be whipped back to an unexpected snow storm or nor'easter and very chilly weather. But we know spring will come and when it does, it will be grand!

And "grand" is also how I would describe the many wonderful wonderful things happening in TTN.
In this newsletter...
  • Our most exciting recent news is the inclusion of The Transition Network in a new book to be published on May 1 by Jonathan Rauch, a fellow at the Brookings Institute called The Happiness Curve: Why Life Gets Better After 50. Read more below about this remarkable affirmation of TTN and our mission.

  • TTN members continue to impact the lives of people they will never meet. Read more below about the Philadelphia Chapter's Giving Circle and how their initiative makes it possible for incarcerated women and rescue dogs to get a "new leash on life."

  • I was very honored to be asked, once again, to be a member of Sheree Clark's month-long speaker series. Sheree brings together the most interesting people who talk about things that are important to us at this very challenging, and hopefully most rewarding, stage of life. Learn more about this month of experts below.

  • One of our Breaking Free groups was recently treated to a exercise in "guided autobiography." Our task was to write about a branching point in our life. What happened? How did the situation impact our lives? What changed? One member in the group wrote about recent events that gave her a new perspective. I invite you to read her story and see how close it might be to yours.
TTN and The Happiness Curve
In mid-2016 we were approached by Jonathan Rauch, a fellow at the Brookings Institute, about a book he was writing. One of the themes of the book is the lack of support and guidance for change and growth at midlife. Society takes too little advantage of additional healthy and happy years in late adulthood. Another theme is the desire of people to have peer support and a safe space to explore feelings and options. (I’m sort of quoting Rauch here.) 
He came upon TTN via Marc Freedman’s book and believed we were a perfect example of people taking matters into their own hands to forge a creative solution to this lack of support. In the ensuing months, we had several conversations with Rauch, met him in DC, he attended a transition peer group in Philadelphia and interviewed one of our members from North/Central New Jersey.  

At long last, Rauch's book, The Happiness Curve: Why Life Gets Better After 50, is finished and will be published on May 1. In Chapter 9: Helping Each Other, Rauch not only mentions TTN but describes it as an example of “civic improvisation.” He mentions our founders Christine Millen and Charlotte Frank, describes his experience at a Transition Peer Group, tells a member’s story about "failing at retirement" and quotes me in this book as TTN’s Executive Director (wow!).

We've already been in touch with Rauch about visiting our chapters to present his theories about happiness so keep an eye on your chapter events calendar for an opportunity to meet him in person. In the meantime, a very large group of TTN Washington DC members will be seeing Rauch, along with David Brooks and Barbara Bradley Hagerty at an event at the Brookings Institution on April 30.

In the meantime, the book is available on May 1. Click here to pre-order your copy now!
Philadelphia Chapter's Giving Circle Changes Lives
We talk a lot about "impact" in TTN. It's an important aspect of our conversation as we transition from our former lives to the one we are now building for the future. Simply put, TTN connects women so they can discover their impact. And each of us defines for ourselves what that impact will be.

Several years ago, members of our Philadelphia Chapter decided to pool their giving dollars to make a difference in the lives of women and children in the Greater Philadelphia area. Every year since 2013, members of the TTN Philadelphia Chapter Giving Circle have chosen a non-profit to receive their grant. In the process they have learned about the vast and varied needs of Philadelphia women and children and the remarkable people who are dedicated to meeting those needs. Click here to read more about the Giving Circle
I believe the members of our Philadelphia Chapter are also remarkable people who are making an enormous impact on their community.
Recently, Erin Arvedlund, a writer at the Philadelphia Inquirer, profiled Bryon Murphy whose life was impacted when she was paired up with Olympia, a 2-year old rescue dog. Because of this relationship, Bryon will soon leave prison and begin a paid internship because of the work of New Leash on Life.

I encourage you to click here to read the entire article which also includes the role the TTN Philadelphia Chapter Giving Circle played in making this happen.
Susan Collins among Sheree Clark's Guests in May
So, as I mentioned, Sheree Clark brings together amazing people. During the month of May, she's assembled a team of experts who can help you if you've ever asked these questions...

  • Is THIS all there is?
  • Where did all the joy go?
  • I don't feel different so why do I feel different? (yes, it's confusing!)
  • I've loved my life but I really want to do something that's just for me...

Sheree is interviewing the most in-demand experts on transforming this time of life, and I am honored to be one of those she hand-picked to feature!

30 healthy living experts are ready to offer inspiration — for free!

Hope you will tune in to hear me on Wednesday, May 2, then stick around for the rest of the month to hear all of Sheree's wonderful guests. You will be transformed!

A New Perspective by Barbara Adler, TTN Member
When I was employed, we would sometimes describe working in our rapidly changing environment as "building the bridge we are walking on." In a way, this also describes what my current turning point in life is like.
To the external world, I am retired. I have already made all those financial decisions associated with retirement. I am not working. I am doing things retired people do: re-engaging in photography, an activity I have always enjoyed; joining Toastmasters to keep connected with other people and my mind active; taking Tai Chi class to maintain physical fitness. Typical solid retirement lifestyle.

However, the world now looks different to me than it has.  Read more...
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