Brimming with gratitude

Dear Friends and Supporters,


Our Macon Volunteer Clinic family trusts you and yours had a joyous Thanksgiving celebration!


We have much to be thankful for in this 20th anniversary year. Our community has sustained us through philanthropy and voluntarism these two decades because they believe in our purpose. Without you, MVC would not exist and the heart felt testimonials you read in these newsletters would not have happened. Thank you for the trust you place in us to care for our vulnerable neighbors.


Our 2023 Giving Tuesday campaign which just concluded is a testament to your generosity. We set a $20,000 goal for a very specific purpose – to equip an eye clinic at MVC. And you came through! An amazing $16,988 was raised! The gifts are still trickling in, and we are confident the remaining $3,000 will be gifted in 2023's remaining weeks.


We are vigorous advocates for our patients. We know that the gift of health is priceless. We are so gratified when a new patient is enrolled at MVC, because we know we are relieving a huge burden. Once under our care, our patients return to caring for their families and contributing to the middle Georgia community. We all benefit when everyone has access to quality medical care.


I am so proud and grateful for our team. They are committed and compassionate. They know we are privileged to be the hands and feet that carry out the Macon Volunteer Clinic mission. Thank you Dr. Astin, Mara, Dona, Trish, Sammeria, Julia, Betty, Cherish, Shardae, Karen and Terri. Your talents and skills shine through each day and buoy the spirits of all who intersect with our work.


As we enter these closing weeks of 2023, sometimes frenetic with activities and celebrations, we invite you to invest in the life and health of our working, uninsured and financially challenged neighbors. You can make a gift online here – and we promise that each dollar donated has an impressive return on investment.


Gratefully yours,

Nancy White

Executive Director


News about our volunteers

As we enter the holiday season; we want to thank each and every volunteer. They donate their time, skills and energy to our patients and expect nothing in return. Macon Volunteer Clinic is so thankful for your kindness and generosity.

Welcome to our new volunteers!

Katherine Sylvester PT, DPT

Katherine Sylvester is a PT/OT that graduated from Mercer University and Medical College of Georgia. We are so excited to be able to offer her services to our patients and so grateful she has chosen MVC to give of her skills and time! Welcome Katherine!

Brandon Battle

Scribe/Medical Assistant

Brandon Battle is a Special Operations Ambassador with ScribeAmerica. We're excited to have his experience to assist our providers with patient visits. Welcome Brandon!

Goodbye but not farewell

Macon Volunteer Clinic is delighted for Pam Mazaris as she celebrates retirement from Central Georgia Technical College. Pam worked as their Dental Hygiene Instructor and has brought dental hygiene students over to MVC to provide cleanings for our patients since 2006. We are forever grateful to Pam for providing this service for so many years and excited to welcome the new instructor that will be taking her place. We wish Pam the very best and are thrilled she'll return as a volunteer dental hygienist in 2024.

Winter kits for our patients

Mercer students Sami Lowinger and Reese Hood donated winter hygiene and comfort kits to distribute to our patients. We are so thankful for the wonderful kits these students collected these past few months. Our patients are provided a kit when they arrive to their appointments and are excited to take the kits home for use. Thank you Sami and Reese for all the work you have put into these kits for our patients!

Giving Tuesday Update!

We are thankful for the support we received for equipping our new eye clinic for Giving Tuesday! We began with a leading grant from the Georgia Society of Ophthalmology, which kicked things off with a bang! The Prince Foundation offered another grant that pushed us closer towards our goal of $20,000. Together with the individual donations we received throughout the month, including cash donations made by our patients, we collected $16,988 towards essential eye clinic equipment!

Dr. Lewis Frey, our volunteer optometrist, is excited to get the needed equipment ordered and installed so that we can start seeing patients in early 2024! Our patients will be able to have the eye care they need for years to come due to our on-site clinic! Thank you for your gifts on Giving Tuesday 2023!

If you want to contribute towards our goal you can do so by clicking the button below:

Giving Tuesday Donation

Relief and resilience through MVC

Meet Sarah*, a determined young woman who faced the challenge of managing chronic pain due to an old injury. Frustrated with the limitations it imposed on her daily life, Sarah sought the expertise of the caring healthcare professionals at Macon Volunteer Clinic.

Through a personalized treatment plan that included physical therapy, acupuncture, and pain relief techniques, Sarah experienced a significant reduction in pain. Empowered with newfound strength and mobility, she reclaimed her active lifestyle. Sarah not only enjoys pain-free days but also serves as an inspiration to others facing similar struggles, proving that with the right support, resilience can lead to remarkable success.

Mara Beck

Operations Specialist

*Name changed for privacy

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