B I R M I N G H A M   E D U C A T I O N   F O U N D A T I O N  //  JUNE 2014

D E A R   B I R M I N G H A M , 
School is out and summer is officially here, which means Ed will get to spend the next three months back at the drawing board: on any given day, you can find us planning, designing, and scheduling another year's worth of programs designed to expose our students to the opportunities that they so whole-heartedly deserve. 
But that's not all: with students out of school, summer gives us the perfect opportunity to properly celebrate our educators - the teachers, administrators, counselors, and coaches who dedicate their lives to the success of our students and who are so integral to the success of Ed's programs. 
That's why we're going to make highlighting our great educators a priority this summer.  Every two weeks, we will highlight a new person in the Educator Spotlight section of our blog, share them on social media, and make educators front-and-center in the coming newsletters.  This month, we want to introduce you to Betty Malone, a thirty-year veteran (and graduate!) of Birmingham City Schools and teacher at Jackson-Olin High School.  This spring, Ms. Malone welcomed us into her career preparedness class as part of College 101, which is just one of the reasons that we consider her an ally to Ed and a huge asset to Birmingham City Schools.  
Additionally, below you can find two more regular features, this month highlighting a Bridging the Gap experience at the Alabama and Lyric Theatres and local-non-profit YouthServe.  Click the links below to read the full-text articles on our blog and find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay in touch with Ed over the summer.  
Stay cool, Birmingham.  We'll see you next month.  
S I N C E R E L Y ,

Because it really is all about the students and because they really do have a lot to say.  

This year, Ed helped students in the Academies of Birmingham learn more about career options in their fields through the Bridging the Gap Program.  In May, students in the Academy of Engineering went behind the scenes of the reconstruction of the historic Lyric Theatre. Hear all about it from Carver students She'Lah Shreve and Corinna Shipp in our June Student Voice.   
Because we are nothing without the combined efforts of some really great citizens of Birmingham.
Local non-profit YouthServe is in the business of serving the community and igniting a passion for service in our students.  Last December, YouthServe and Ed partnered to connect more than 100 BCS students to volunteer opportunities through the Academy Service Day as part of the College Prep Institute. Find out more about YouthServe in our monthly Partnership Feature.  
Because we have so many talented and dedicated people in the Birmingham City Schools. 

Ms. Betty Malone is a long-time educator and graduate of Birmingham City Schools. But even after thirty years in the classroom, Malone challenges herself to grow as an educator, learning about trends in technology and integrating new tools into her classroom to keep her students engaged and prepare them for life after high school. Learn more about Ms. Malone in this month's Educator Spotlight.
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School may be out for summer, but we're still on the job! 

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