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Center for Spiritual Living Boise

December 18, 2022

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Join us this Sunday for a special Family Christmas Service!

Bring non-perishable food items to donate to the Idaho Food-bank. Drop the items in the bin in the lobby.

Let's also remember our furry friends! Bring dog and/or cat food for the annual animal food drive. Drop items off in the lobby. Thank you for your support!

Rev. Jackie Holland - CSL Spiritual Leader

Guest Musician - Becky B

Becky Borczon is a singer, actress and voice over artist (you can still see her on a few VERY OLD episodes of "Law and Order") who is blessed to currently be singing with the Billy Blues Band, as a featured guest with the duo Cunningham & Moss, and as a founding member of the Quirky Quarantine Quorum. Becky is delighted to sing for the Center for Spiritual Living this week.

Meditative Thought

by Dr. Ernest S. Holmes, Founder of Science of Mind

Christmas is for remembrance. The love manifest through our gifts to each other typifies the offering of Life, the giving-ness of Spirit to Its creation. The hands of the Eternal are outstretched through our hands, and the heart of the Infinite beats in the human breast. It is not in lavish gifts that we find true giving but in the sweet simplicity of remembrance, in the kindly thought, the tolerant mind and the gentle act. Love alone can give love, sympathy alone can sympathize and only goodness can really do or be good. The Giving of Our Self to Life, A Holmes Reader for All Seasons.

CSL Sunday Service

YouTube Video of Sunday Service

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The prayer team is awaiting your prayer request! We invite you to reach out to us!

Prayer of the Week

God is the glorious, magnificent Source of Infinite Beauty igniting ecstatic Love in all hearts. God is truly indescribable, a Presence that can be known in Its uncontainable expression when It is completely surrendered to. In this surrender, all is experienced as high vibration Joy, Light, Peace, Harmony, and Abundance. We are all One with the stars, and the same brilliant Light that burns in and as the stars is the Light that burns inside each of us.

As we enter into this beautiful season of celebrating the Light, the menorah lighting to celebrate Hanukkah, the Solstice celebrating the return of the Light, and Christmas..celebrating the birth of our Awareness of the Christ Light that is within all...May all beings feel the Presence and Power of the Light within, God within. The Light of God that is inside every aspect of creation burns away all discordant energy in this universe. As we collectively surrender to the Light, the inner luminosity fills each of us with the awareness of Perfect Life.

I am Infinitely Grateful for the awareness of Perfect Life revealing Itself, in, through and as all. I am Eternally Thankful for the Light of Christ in each of us.

This Word is Released into the Law of Mind, with complete confidence that It Is Done! Amen!

Loretta Knowles, RScP

Special thanks to our Musical Director, Rex Miller and all of the talented

musicians who continue to support the CSL! 

To find out more, and to help support our musicians during
these difficult times, please click on the links to our beloved Musician's Websites.

The CSL Boise is Open!

Our Center is open for assembly gathering

Masks are not required but feel free to wear a mask if you feel it is best for your health and safety.

10 am meditation with a Practitioner

10:30 am Youth Church (tots to pre-teens)

10:30 am Service at 10464 W. Garverdale Court, Boise

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