May 1, 2022
Join us this Sunday for another
Inspirational Message, Great Music & Growth!

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Rev. Jackie Holland
Community Spiritual Leader
Lisa Compton, RScP
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Prayer of the Week
Inspiration is being created in this now sacred moment, knowing that GOD is present in this, and in everything.

This magnificent creativity is unfolding in me, and in all! We are the divine emanation of the most high! This GOD energy is unfolding through each of us, as our awareness is being sharpened and brought into greater clarity. WE are ONE in GOD!

As a vessel of SPIRIT I speak my word from this place. There is a greater way emerging through each of us. It is the GOD energy showing up as powerful words, peaceful ways, and deep filled connections! We claim this! We allow it to move in and through us! It connects all of humanity beyond what we have ever known! It continues to blossom and soothe all of us in our own unique way. 

We are so grateful for this, and beyond!

I release my word. Knowing it is made so. 

And so it is.
Lisa Compton, RScP
Special thanks to our Musical Director, Rex Miller and all of the talented
musicians who continue to support the CSL during this time! 
To find out more, and to help support our musicians during
these difficult times, please click on the links to our beloved Musician's Websites.
The CSL Boise is Open!
Our Center is open for assembly gathering

Masks are no longer required but feel free to wear a mask if you feel it is best for your health and safety.

10 am meditation with a Practitioner
10:30 am Service at 10464 W. Garverdale Court, Boise
Center for Spiritual Living Boise

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Reverend Jackie Holland, Senior Minister