July 31, 2022

Sunday Service
Guest Speaker - Troy Olds

Troy Olds is an independent coach who helps people get clarity around what they really want in life and shows them how to develop a plan to achieve it. He works as a Business Results Specialist at Tony Robbins companies and is a certified Gender Intelligent, Mars Venus coach by John Gray. He is 19 years active in a 12-step recovery program and is dedicated to becoming the best version of himself while helping as many people as he can while on this planet. He has been practicing Science of Mind since 2003.

Spiritual Practices
Donna Sheedy, RScP
Guest Musician
Pamela DeMarche
This is the last week to see Pamela sing at CSL before she moves out of the area!
Meditative Thought
by Dr. Ernest S. Holmes, Founder of Science of Mind

"People are truly meek or humble when we look upon the grandeur of a mountain or the vastness of the ocean or think about the bigness of things. We do not become lost in this bigness or this grandeur, but we do stand in awe before it. When we do this, something deep within us responds, something within us embraces the ocean, something within us melts into the mountain, and we become one with it all." - Ideas for living, p. 18
Sunday Service
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Prayer of the Week
“Life is Consciousness.” Emmet Fox

Basking in the beauty of today, I recognize the One Power, the One Divine Mind, the One Presence that we call God. The Universe is all love, all knowing, perfect, whole and kind. God is in everything seen and unseen, in ALL creation!

I know where I am, God is. And I absolutely know this same truth for ALL reading this prayer at this moment. We are all one with Spirit and we are all perfect, whole, magnificent manifestations of Spirit right here, right now. We are all connected to each other as we are all connected to Spirit.  

I declare for all reading this prayer that the power of Spirit is surging through them with the happiness and joy that comes from within, from the depths of our core, that no earthly being or human situation can take away. We are steeped in the joy of knowing the true perfection and wholeness that can only come from within..and being connected to that oneness with Spirit.  

From that place of love, I am ever so deeply grateful for knowing this truth of my Word.

As I release it into the Law, for it is already manifest. I call this good, and oh so very good.

And so it is! 

Donna Sheedy. RScP
Special thanks to our Musical Director, Rex Miller and all of the talented
musicians who continue to support the CSL! 
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