Center for Spiritual
Living Boise
December 1, 2019
Minister's Message

Rev. Jackie's favorite Thanksgiving story.: A Smile for the Child in all of us at Thanksgiving. 

Snoopy is getting dog food for his Thanksgiving dinner and is aware that the family inside the house is enjoying turkey and all the trimmings.  He meditates and talks to himself:  “How is that?  Everybody is eating turkey today and because I am a dog, I get dog food!”  He trots away, positions himself on top of his doghouse and concludes, “It could have been worse.  I could have been born a turkey.”
Guest Musician
Andy Byron

Andy Byron's music will open your heart and inspire you to remember what really counts in life.  

An accomplished musician and songwriter, Andy has opened for musical legends George Jones and Randy Travis, the Charlie Daniels Band, Travis Tritt, David Allen Coe, Colin Raye and many others. He and his band, The Lost River Band won the 2009 Critic's Choice Award from the Idaho Statesman.  

This incredible musician will be our guest artist during our Sunday Service
"The attitudes of praise and thanksgiving are salutary. They not only lighten consciousness, lifting it out of sadness and depression; they elevate consciousness to a point of acceptance "
    Dr. Ernest Holmes, Founder of Science of Mind
Food Drive
Start this holiday season with GIVING and THANKS!

Share your overflowing abundance with those in the community. Our CSL congregation is collecting non-perishable food items for The Idaho Foodbank starting Sunday, November 24th through January.

Please bring your non-perishable food items to church and drop them into The Idaho Foodbank bin in the lobby.

Thank you Loretta Knowles, RScP for organizing!
Last Sunday at the Center
Rev. Jackie singing "A Little Good News" by Anne Murray with Blaze and Kelly.

Rev. Jackie checks off an item from her bucket list on her birthday - sing on stage! CHECK!

it was a HIT!
Special guest speaker, Niccole Blaze
Special Thanksgiving play on gratitude, written by Rev. Jackie Holland
Around the Center
Congregational Corner
A special gift to our congregation by Hailey Frogely

The Seed You Were Given by Hailey Frogley

Make a platform out of whatever you've got
The trees that have fallen will just lay to rot
Unless you pull out your tools and put them to use
All the validation you seek lies inside of you

You want the world to accept you and feel you have a place
But all the fear and loneliness that you face
Are a sign you have not accepted the world within
The home and skin in which you live

It is a mistake to believe what is beyond is greater
When you, your divine self, are the creator
The tools you possess are a gift from the source
So you can become an unstoppable force

And break through the barriers until you find Heaven
A place anyone can get to, no matter where the journey began
I know of these things because I am walking the Path
A Path that i found by staying on track

With the vibrational current of Unconditional Love
For All thing Within, Without, Below and Above
I recognize All Beings as a part of Me
And hate does not instill harmony

So if I am to exist in a Heavenly Rim
I must make Love my priority, no matter what the stakes
And because I am a GodSeed and am not yet full grown
I still have the impulse to whine and to groan

Sometimes I forget that I Am Wild and Free
And believe when other say it's not safe to Be me
I'll close up tight and hide from the darkness
Until I have become an immovable fortress

But wrapped in my shadows for a season
I always emerge reborn with New reason
All seeds begin with a predetermined destiny
If you nurture yourself gently with time you will see

The growth that can happen when someone dares
To ask Godly questions and start to care
About the seed they were given at the moment of arrival
Earth is not just a matter of physical survival

We come here to rewrite contracts upon our Soul
To Remove All Limitation is the ultimate goal
When everyone can see God in each other's face
We will find that Heaven has always been in Place
Prayer Requests
Our prayer team of Practitioners and Ministers will continue to pray on your request every day for 30 days....because prayer works!
Call: 208.375.0791
In Person: Fill out a prayer
request in church.
 This Week's Volunteers

We couldn't do it
without you!
Director: Deborah Whitman, RScP
Annette Krause
Linda Butler
Set Up: Leslie Wilcox
Clean Up: Margie Strong
Nursery: Judy Rhodes & Dorothy Romeo
Children: Florence Meyers
Pre-Teens: Florence Meyers
Teens: TBD
Margie Strong
Director: Rex Miller
Phil Bowden
George Hadden
Ed Kuklinski
Kimberley Ubhoff
Randy Wall
Maria Blank
Director: Donna Sheedy, RScP
E-Blast: Donna Sheedy, RScP
Social Media: Kerri Wade, Cheri Low
Photographer: Cheryl Hudon
Deborah Whitman, RScP
J.J. Bullock
...and all of the unnamed volunteers who work behind the scenes

CSL Youth Church is looking for teachers in our Nursery, Teens and especially Children's and Tween's church. Teaching experience is not required but a loving heart is. If you feel called to serve our children, please contact the church for details at 208.375.0751


10464 W. Garverdale Ct.

Call the church for details:
SOM Twelve Step Bridge Meeting
7:15pm - Tuesdays
Lisa Compton, RScP 208.891.6714

CSL Spiritual Book Club
6:30pm - 2nd Wed. each month
Jo Hughes, RScP 303.598.8426

A Course in Miracles
Noon - Sundays
Support Our Musicians!

 Our talented musicians play at a variety of venues through out the Treasure Valley during the week.  
To find out more, click on the link to the Musician's Websites
Prayer of the Week
There is one Divine Intelligence from which all of Life was and is created. This Divine Intelligence, Presence, Spirit, God, the Universe, called by so many names, is the Creative Energy flowing in, around and through all of Its creation.

It is from this deep place of knowing, that I remember my oneness with God. I know God is experiencing life in me and as me in every moment. This Presence is the very breath of my life and I delight in this awareness. I absolutely know this same truth for everyone reading this prayer and beyond. We are all connected with and within this one Mind!
With each new day, we remember we are creating everything in our experience. Knowing this, we choose to move through each day in love. We choose to think the highest and best of our fellow human, and we choose to act in loving and peaceful ways. We embrace our spirituality as we say yes to the goodness of Spirit and all the joys of life. 

With infinite gratitude we thank the Universe each day for this life and another opportunity to make this our best day yet. We let go and let God do God’s work!

And so it is.

Deborah Whitman, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living Boise

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Reverend Jackie Holland, Senior Minister