Center for Spiritual
Living Boise
January 12. 2020
Minister's Message - Guest Speaker
Beloved Community,

As Rev. Jackie continues her rest and relaxation, we will have special guest speaker, Kayla Collins this Sunday.
Kayla Collins is a survivor, to the heart of the word. Her life story is incredible and humbling. Her perspective on life and death are thought provoking and give light to the taboo, scary, and socially unacceptable. 
We hope that you will join us this week for this dynamic speaker.

Rev. Jackie Holland
Senior Minister
Guest Musician
Lisa Bittick
Lisa Bittick is an Idaho native who performs in various bands around the Treasure Valley, and as a soloist. She is a vocalist and a multi-instrumentalist including piano, violin, mandolin and bass to name a few. We look forward to seeing Lisa exhibit her many talents this Sunday!
" The universe seems beyond our comprehension. The slightest fact in nature is a miracle we cannot perform. All we can do is recognize that there is a way to work with the spiritual law of the universe. We may rely upon It, for It will not fail us.."

   ~Dr. Ernest Holmes
Founder, Science of Mind
Upcoming Events
Stone Soup Potluck
Sunday, January 19th Following service
Center for Spiritual Living

Stone Soup is a European folk story in which hungry strangers convince the people of a town to each share a small amount of their food in order to make a meal that everyone enjoys, and exists as a moral regarding the value of sharing.
All are invited to participate! Bring a pre-cut up vegetable and we will add it to the soup broth. Then after service, we will share in the soup and bread!

No veggies? You can bring a dessert or anything else to share with the group.

Chicken soup and bread will be provided.
Sunday Service
Deborah Whitman, RScP
Peace Talk
Jo Hughes, RScP
Peace Talk
Becky Blake
"Peace Be Still"
Our prayer team of Practitioners and Ministers will continue to pray on your request every day for 30 days....because prayer works!
Call: 208.375.0791
In Person: Fill out a prayer request in church.
This Week's Volunteers

We couldn't do it
without you!
Director: Deborah Whitman, RScP
Annette Krause
Deborah Whitman, RScP
Jane Torres
Christine Spence
Robert Spence
Jenna Nash
Set Up: Sharon Rost & Homer Wong
Clean Up: Margie Stong
Nursery: Rosalie Taran
Children: Donna Sheedy, RScP
Pre-Teens: Florence Meyers
Teens: Shelly Durkin
JJ Bullock
Margie Strong
Annette Krause
Director: Rex Miller
Phil Bowden
George Hadden
Ed Kuklinski
Kimberley Ubhoff
Randy Wall
Technical Director: Maria Blank
Director: Donna Sheedy, RScP
E-Blast: Donna Sheedy, RScP
Social Media: Kerri Wade
Photographer: Cheryl Hudon
JJ Bullock
Lisa Compton, RScP
JJ Bullock
...and all of the unnamed volunteers who work behind the scenes


10464 W. Garverdale Ct.

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7:15pm - Tuesdays
Lisa Compton, RScP 208.891.6714

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Jo Hughes, RScP 303.598.8426

A Course in Miracles
Noon - Sundays
Support Our Musicians!

 Our talented musicians play at a variety of venues through out
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during the week.  
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Prayer of the Week
Source energy is forever present. This energy is everywhere to see, yet also in the unseen. It exists in the movement of the wind, and in the gentle falling of a snowflake. It is in the hush of the morning, and in the majesty of the dawning of a new day. It is GOD! The INFINITE. The Source. The creative energy of all that is.

This majestic energy expresses in and throughout all of who I am. WE are all manifestation of GOD in expression. WE are one with GOD!

It is in this place of knowing my divinity that I speak my word for all people. The powerful Spirit of GOD that moves in and through each one of us is LOVE. We allow this LOVE to move forth in us, through us, all around us. It moves in and throughout or families, in our work, in our daily lifes and touches each other and magnifies! The light of LOVE shines and blankets each other, each situation and each place that calls for LOVE and for Peace and for JOY. WE are all awakened into this profound state and we celebrate GOD in us as its expression! 
There is such deep gratitude for this feeling of love. WE are so filled with thanks.

This word is released now into the law. It is made manifest! And so it is, and so I let it be. 

Lisa Compton, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living Boise

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Reverend Jackie Holland, Senior Minister