THIS WEEK IS SHABBOS PARSHAS Tetzaveh. The Jr Rabbi is Habochur Hatomim Hamispallel MORDECHAI GREENBAUM in honor of his consistent DERECH ERETZ in shul!
Dont forget about our Derech Eretz Initiative where we make sure that we CLEAN UP after our Kiddush - throwing out old tickets and trays!
The Chazan is Habochur HaBainany YOSEF YITZCHOK COHEN sheyiche!
KYY boys in Cheder join Sheva Brachos!
To the W FAMILY on their upcoming celebrations for their bar mitzvah's on Thursday and Sunday.
From the beggining of the year, the kinderlach at Mini Minyan have been earning tickets and saving them in their special jar....and now its full!
Join us NEXT SHABBOS , Parshas Ki Sisa for a special ICE CREAM PARTY!
PURIM EXTRAVAGANZA #17 Coming your way...
Bigger and Better than ever!
Mitzvos For Chaya
Last week: Give Tzedaka every day before davening (or any time)

THIS WEEK's MITZVAH: Add in simcha for Adar!! Make someone else smile or make their day! (Remember to think while you are doing the mitzvah that you are doing it for Mitzvahs for Chaya!)
RMD,  Founder and Director
Sroly Tenenbaum, Shmulik Cohen, Dovber Raeburn,  elected officials
Yitzi Gorelick,  Member of the senate
Lieba Farkash and Mushka Greenbaum,  cabinet members
Rabbi DB and Srula Chaiton,  Youth Directors
Chief Rabbi T,  Bainany
Chaya Riva Mayberg and Rena Pinson,  Bainaniya
Mrs. Doonie Mishulovin,  Gesher 
Bassie Cunin, Devorah Leah Bart and Rivky Laskar,  Mini Minyan