• Outdoor worship @ PICNIC PAVILION
  • Childcare @ PLAYGROUND
  • Covenant Class in CLASSROOM 1
  • Youth Parent's Class in CONFERENCE ROOM
  • Refreshments @ WEST ENTRY
  • Indoor worship in the GYM
  • Youth Class @ PICNIC PAVILION
  • Childcare @ PLAYGROUND
  • Youth Group @ PICNIC PAVILION
Moses and the Israelites had done all they could. They had been faithful in their actions, and done everything just as God had instructed. However, the Egyptians kept coming and were closing in and the Red Sea was still full of water.
After doing all they could do, they had to wait
for God to do what only God could do.
When we as Christians have lived faithfully, but still feel the impending threats around us, how can we continue to be faithful as we 'WAIT ON THE WIND'? This is the question we will explore beginning September 12 in worship, using the story of the Exodus as our guide and inspiration.

  • 9:15 OUTSIDE and on 90.5 FM - Facebook Live
  • 10:30 INSIDE and on YouTube LIVESTREAM
LIVESTREAM NOTE: The livestream will begin at 10:20AM, the service will begin at 10:30. This is a link to the Southminster YouTube page. Once there you will need to click on the livestream. Once the livestream is complete (est. 11:35) it takes a while for it to be converted to a video on our page but it will be available as a video on Sunday afternoon.
Childcare will continue to be offered outside on the playground on Sunday mornings during the worship services.
We are currently looking at three afternoons/evenings for protocol friendly family activities for children and their parents. If you would like to assist in putting together plans for these outings, please contact Sarah Oedy: The three dates we are looking at are:
  • September 19
  • October 3
  • October 17
Youth will continue to meet at 10:30 at the Picnic Pavilion to discuss and reflect on the morning message. Youth are encouraged to attend the 9:15 outdoor service and then stay for refreshments, discussion and application.
Youth Meetings will move to Sunday nights starting September 12. This will help us avoid multiple conflicts on Wednesday nights.

  • Sunday, September 12 6:00-7:30: Relying on God
  • Sunday, September 19 6:00-7:30: Relying on God
  • Sunday, September 26 Youth Outing
  • Sunday, October 3 6:00-7:30: Relying on God
  • Sunday, October 10 6:00-7:30: Relying on God
  • October 16-17 Youth Lake Retreat: Made in the Image
  • The Covenant Sunday School class continues to meet on Sunday mornings at 9:15am in Classroom 1.

  • A class for parents of teenagers is meeting on Sunday mornings at 9:15 in the Conference Room to discuss the book "Understanding Your Teen".
We are currently looking at three afternoons/evenings for protocol friendly activities for young adults / young parents. If you would like to assist in putting together plans for these outings, please contact Sarah Oedy: The three dates we are looking at are:
  • September 19
  • October 3
  • October 17
Our mid-week Bible Studies will resume THIS WEEK at 1:00 and 6:30. These will be offered on campus and online. We will begin a series on the nature of the Bible.

  • September 15: What are we doing here?
  • September 22: The Word of God
  • September 29: The Authority of Scripture
  • October 6: The Inerrancy of Scripture
  • October 13: The Clarity of Scripture
  • October 20: The Necessity of Scripture
We will offer an informational class on the life, ministry and mission of Southminster Church for those who are new to our congregation. This gathering will be offered following the 10:30 service on Sunday, October 10. This 90 minute class gives and overview of our past, present and anticipated future. A lunch will be offered and the class will be available online as well as on campus. At the conclusion of this class, those who feel led, will be offered the opportunity to join Southminster as a member of the congregation.
  • GARY AND DONNA SMITH (undisclosed) - friends of Jane Crump.
  • JANE CRUMP who is having a stress test this week.
  • MARIA HUFFSTETLER, Dawn Cline's cousin by marriage, who has suffered a spinal stroke and is paralyzed from the neck down. Maria is in critical care. She and her husband Wes have 3 small children.
  • THE AKERMAN FAMILY, Pam Quinn's sister-in-law’s family, who all have Covid. Ashley the mother of 2 small children, is the worst and is in intensive care in the hospital. The children and Ashley's mother are at home recovering.  
  • REGGIE DAVIS as he recovers from a hospital stay
  • KRIS YAVELAK'S DAUGHTER VERONICA who is a year into dealing with Covid "long-haulers" symptoms.
The Sanctuary is effectively finished. Over the next couple weeks the Facility Team will be working on the "punch list" as they highlight details of the project that need to be readdressed.

We are expecting a certificate of occupancy by September 10th. The primary task holding up the final inspection is the paving and striping of the parking lot. This scheduled to be completed by September 8th.

After the certificate of occupancy is obtained, the stained glass art will be installed along with the rest of the audio/visual equipment. This should be completed by September 24th.

The final aspect of the facility is the furnishings, including the new chairs for the sanctuary. Right now, the only clarity the furniture company can provide is that they expect our chairs in their warehouse in October - although this is not a firm delivery date.

This impacts our timeline for the dedication of the sanctuary. We have two primary factors to consider as we look toward setting a new dedication date.

Ideally, our dedication would include all the furnishings and would be completed and presented as intended. Without the new chairs we would be moving into the sanctuary with a mixture of seating we have on hand (we donated our previous chairs to a start up church over the summer as we were clearing space for the delivery of our new chairs - the original delivery date for our chairs was in May).

Additionally, about 60% of our congregation is currently worshipping online as this second surge of Covid impacts Gaston County. We've said all along that we prefer to dedicate our sanctuary "at full strength" and with everyone comfortable attending. We also do not want our new building sitting empty and unused. Therefore, we will continue to monitor these situations and personal comfort levels on campus as we prayerfully discern the right path forward.
We are about to make the final draw on our construction loan to complete the facility project. The initial projection for the cost of construction was $1,965,000.00. When we make our final payment, we will have spent $2,219,086.53 on the construction of the sanctuary and renovation of the pre-existing facility.

While finishing over budget was not unexpected, this increase did exceed our pre-pandemic projections. Much of the increase has to do with increases we see everywhere for materials and labor.

While building at this time did cause overage, finishing when we did was ultimately a blessing. It was recently estimated that if we were starting construction now, the price of the new sanctuary would be $3.5 million or more, a number that appears to be beyond of our financial capacity. Frankly, if we had not started and finished when we did, it is hard to foresee a season when this project would have been a financial option for Southminster.

During this time, we have received $531,431.00 in support of the Joshua Initiative Capital Campaign. This number is less than our projections, but we also haven't had a "normal" offering or attendance for over 18 months now. We are grateful and blessed by those who've shown EXTRA INTENTIONALITY in supporting the church and the campaign in this unexpected season.

Between the amount received in campaign contributions, our $1.3 million dollar construction loan and the resources dedicated to this project from the sale of the Armstrong property; we expect to be able to complete construction and expenses with what we have available, and then start paying down our loan amount as quickly and effectively as possible.

However, these realities have consumed a significant majority of our financial reserves. Especially when we factor in design fees, permits, audio/visual equipment and furnishings that are expenses above and beyond the construction of the facility.

Our post-construction financial objectives will be paying down our mortgage and replenishing our financial reserves. We also need to start planning for a new roof on the existing building, which we project as a need in the next 2-5 years.

Our original goal; an admittedly ambitious one; was to build and pay off the construction project in 4 years. At this point, that seems like it would take a major act of God - and His people. We need to aggressively pay down our mortgage as we move into the second half of the Joshua capital campaign.

Please support Southminster with a financial gift today. To support Southminster financially in this historic season takes an extra effort of intentionality. Thank you to those who have so faithfully continued their financial support of Southminster.
To support the ministry of Southminster, you can:

  • drop your contribution in the deposit box on Sunday morning
  • mail a check to the church:

Southminster Church
ATTN: Brenda Baker
1401 Hoffman Road
Gastonia, NC 28054

  • drop a check off at the office Monday - Thursday 9:00-1:00
  • set up Southminster as a payee in your online banking
  • click on the link below to make a digital gift