St. Joseph's Regional Jr. High
Week of September 16, 2019
The dust is settling on the start of the school year, so we can begin some of the vision projects.

Refreshing the St. Joseph's Library
Libraries can be the heart of a school. It is from these spaces that students come and go, thoughts grow, books are found and cherished. This is where you can get involved!

I will be holding a GoogleHangouts meeting on September 24th from 6:00pm-7:00pm . If you haven't ever done a GoogleHangouts video chat, it's easy! We can all be in our own homes AND have a great conversation about the vision for refreshing our St. Joe's library using a variety of funding sources. After the hustle and bustle of dinner, log right in.

If you have an interest in helping to coordinate a Scholastic Book Fair, an Adopt-A-Book program, if you'd like to help write grants, communicate with corporations or small business to seek donations of books, please consider lending a hand.

Just join me using this link ! The access code to our meeting is right in the link. The more the merrier!
After Mass, His Excellency returned with us to school and the Patrick, Angelo, Franklin and Paul gave him a tour of St. Joseph's. He stopped in every single class and made connections with the students about the importance of what they were learning, and blessed them.

I had the chance to sit with him after his tour in my office where we had a long and meaningful conversation about the direction of the Catholic schools and his vision for our students. I felt truly blessed to have this time with him and know that he is with us. leading this journey of growth and transformation. He left with a skip in his step and a smile on his face confident that the students are in good hands.

This week, Mass will return to Wednesdays with the students from Cardinal LaCroix Academy.
A Morning with Bishop Libasci
Bishop Libasci, with Fr. Dion, our chaplain, celebrated Mass on Friday at 8am with our St. Joseph's Regional Jr. High students. You should be so proud of the way in which they welcomed the Bishop. They were respectful and kind and looked sharp in their formal uniforms.

Back-To-School Night and more!

I have scheduled Back-To-School Night on September 19th from 6pm-7:30pm.

We will gather in the gym for a warm welcome and then you'll have a chance to spend "a-day-in-the-life-of" your child by following their schedule for brief intervals. You'll hear from their teachers about their plans for the new school year!

Progress Reports will be issued October 2nd. I have ask students and families to be well ahead of the curve. If they are struggling in a class (and it's never a surprise to them) they need to ask their teachers, you, or me for time. If the teacher notices they are struggling with the content, organization/planning, time management, they will be confering with students first to find out how they can help, how the student can take additional steps, and they will be contacting you. We are working closely on the instruction, assessment and reporting process so students have the greatest chance of academic growth.

Parent Conferences will be held November 14th from 3:00-6:00pm in the gym. Please look for information about this in the coming weeks.

We look forward to seeing you all!
Athletics Are Going Digital!
Please keep checking email and our website. We're going digital to be sure you have all the latest updates. We are setting up specific groups in Constant Contact for each of the athletic teams about schedules, cancellations, important notifications. We're going digital one day at a time! If you have specific questions, please email Mrs. Martineau at
Soup Kitchen Visits

Mrs. Martineau will be making the first of the St. Joseph's monthly visits to the New Horizon's Soup Kitchen this Friday, 9/20.
They serve the Senior Meal third Friday of each month. Mrs. Martineau asks for volunteers from the 8th grade each month. The 3 students travel with her to the kitchen. The meal is served from 3:00 to 3:30 and then they help clean the room. The students return with her to the school where the students should be picked up by their parents at 4:00pm. The parents are also welcome to pick up their student at the soup kitchen at 3:45pm.
The students who volunteer will deliver trays to the clients and then collect them after they have finished. Every student who has come to the kitchen has been very happy he/she has done so.
Let's Begin BoxTops for Education

Did you know that each BoxTop for Education is worth $0.10? I have $4.00 worth in a basket on my counter RIGHT NOW! And so do you! Mrs. Jones will be coordinating the BoxTops For Education to fund our Arts program. We'll put a collection box in the office, so please send them in staring tomorrow, 9/15!
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