"There will never cease to be needy ones in your land; 
therefore I command you:
open your hand to the poor and needy kin in your land."

    Deuteronomy 15:11         
      Did you know that ...
      According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, in October, 2013, 
        the unemployment rate in Rhode Island was 9.2%, the 2nd highest in the nation
        (following only Nevada at 9.3%). This rate was down from the high point of 11.9%
        in February, 2010, but still much higher than the pre-recession rate of 5.2 % in
        November, 2007.

Temple Habonim Newsletter

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Jerusalem Post Column by Dr. Daniel Gordis
Sisterhood Annual Chanukah Family Celebration
Sisterhood Chanukah Gift Shop
Upcoming Events in December
November Bulletin
Sisterhood Gift Shop
 "Ever-Dying or Never-Dying"
Jerusalem Post Column by 
Dr. Daniel Gordis

Ever-Dying or Never-Dying?


Jerusalem Post Column, November 22, 2013


Go to the link below to read Dr. Daniel Gordis' latest 

message of hope for the future of liberal American Jewry 

and the State of Israel. 


Dr. Daniel Gordis is Senior Vice President at 

Shalem College in Jerusalem. 

He is a regular columnist for the 

Jerusalem Post, and a frequent contributor to 

the New York Times, in print and on-line.


The author of numerous books on Jewish thought 

and currents in Israel, and a recent winner of the 

National Jewish Book Award, Dr. Gordis was the 

founding dean of the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies 

at the University of Judaism, the first rabbinical college 

on the West Coast of the United States. 



Annual Chanukah Family Celebration
Sign up by Tomorrow at 1:00pm
Sisterhood Chanukah Gift Shop

                   Sisterhood Gift Shop

Chanukah 2013 merchandise
 has arrived!

Visit our display in the Temple Library

In addition to regular office hours, 
the Gift Shop will also be open
through the end of the holiday.

We have the BEST selection of
you need for your Chanukah celebration, including assorted candles, menorahs, 
chocolate gelt, dreidels, gift wrap, 
gift tags, games, toys, decorations,
books and jewelry!

Why shop anywhere else!?
Upcoming Events in December
Here a brief list of upcoming events in the month of December:

Friday, December 6
First Friday - 6th Grade will share in the leadership of the service
Please call the Temple office at 401-245-6536 for more information.
Upcoming Events

November 26

NO Chai School


November 27

Erev Chanukah

No Hebrew School

Office closes at 1:00pm



November 28

Happy Thanksgiving

Office closed



November 29

Office closed

7:30 pm

Erev Shabbat Service

with Torah reading

Deborah Johnson will lead singing and chant Torah


December 1
9:30 am
NO Religious School

December 3

7:15 pm

Chai School



December 4

3:40/5:00 pm

Hebrew School

6:00 pm

Sisterhood Annual Chanukah Family Celebration

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Sisterhood Gift Shop
The best Judaica Shop in the East Bay! 
Sisterhood's Gift Shop is filled with many beautiful one of a kind items- many that are straight from Israel!  The hand painted Tallit pictured here is from the Yad L'Kashish Workshop - a wonderful non profit organization - literally a "Lifeline for the Old".
In addition, custom items- like imprinted kippot for a special ceremony- can be ordered through our Gift Shop. All your purchases go to support the important work done by THB's Sisterhood! 
The Gift Shop is open during Temple office hours and by special appointment- please contact June for more information!