A lot of news to report: Events Tomorrow and Thursday, Robert Capon Announcement, Mockingcast Reviews, 10th Anniv Dates, Recent Web Highlights, $$ Update

This Week in Connecticut! 
Big news for those of you in the tri-state area: 
This coming Wed 2/22  (tomorrow) kicks off our summer series of curated film screenings at The Avon Theater in Stamford, CT, "Religious Hope from the Movies". Up first is Whit Stillman's Barcelona (1994). Curtain rises at 7:30pm, following a brief introduction from Paul & David Zahl. Discussion afterwards, too. 

Mark your calendars: On July 27th, we'll be showing The Pawnbroker (1964) and on August 24th, Stars in My Crown (1950). Same venue as above. 

Also, this  Thursday evening (6/23), David Zahl will be speaking at  Christ Episcopal Church in Greenwich (7pm) about Mockingbird and A Mess of Help. Spread the word - would love to see you!  
Robert Capon News
This past January we received a wonderful surprise phone-call from Fargo, ND. A long-time reader of the Mockingbird blog had recently been in touch with the widow of Robert Farrar Capon, and was curious to see if we had any interest in bringing some of the great man's work back into print. Come again?! 

Capon, an Episcopal priest, NY Times food critic, author of twenty books, and all-around grace guru, has long been one of our guiding lights; we'd been fortunate enough to conduct the final interview he gave before his death in 2013. Six months after that call, we can officially announce that Mockingbird will be publishing five Capon titles, beginning this December with a previously unpublished manuscript! Such an honor and a privilege.

Watch this space for more details as they develop. 
What People Are Saying About Our New Podcast
Our new weekly podcast,  The Mockingcast , is off to a fantastic start, already up to over 1000 downloads per episode (which places it in the top 35% of all podcasts on iTunes). A couple of listener reviews include:
"You will be hard pressed to find a Christian podcast with this specific cocktail of intelligence, sincerity, and irreverence. Its tuxedo t-shirt tone will disarm you, and then someone will quote Miroslav Volf and it's all over."
"[The Mockingcast] has made me laugh and laugh, and helped me see afresh the staggering wonder of the gospel of grace."
To ensure that the quality and pace don't lag, we've brought on both of the program's co-hosts, Sarah Condon and Scott Jones, as part-time staff. 

Save the Date: 10th Anniversary Conference! 

April 27-29th, 2017 in New York City. You will not want to miss this one. Pre-registration opens in September. 

You listen to or watch talks from this past April's 2016 New York Conference by clicking here

Recent Web Highlights
Financial Update
We currently have $105,000 left to raise in order to  meet our budget this year (i.e., about a third). In addition, the Capon project is going to cost us roughly $12,000 above and beyond that amount - $7,000 of which has already been pledged.  Can you help? 

You can make a donation online at www.mbird.com/support or send a check, made out to "Mockingbird Ministries", to 100 West Jefferson St, Charlottesville VA 22902.
Reminder: Sign up for any amount of regular monthly giving at www.mbird.com/support and receive an automatic subscription to The Mockingbird! (Mental Health issue ships in August). 
As always, we are most grateful for your support and interest, whatever form they take.

Sincerely yours, 

The Mockingbird Team
(David Zahl, Ethan Richardson, CJ Green, Sarah Condon, Bryan Jarrell & Scott Jones)

P.S. Free study guide to  Law & Gospel: A Theology for Sinners (and Saints) !