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CSU Northeast Regional Engagement Center

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The CSU Northeast Regional Engagement Center (NREC( is the Logan County Chamber of Commerce Business of the Week. Receiving the honor are NREC Director Karen Ramey-Torres, Dennis Kaan - Extension Regional Director and Northeast Region and Peggy Stoltenberg - NREC Partnership and Program Development Manager.
.....The Northeast Regional Engagement Center (NREC) opened in July of 2010. The Engagement Center was established to serve 7 counties: Sedgwick, Yuma, Phillips, Washington, Kit Carson, Logan and Morgan.
.....NREC’s goals are making education and resources from Colorado State University accessible to students and community members, facilitating collaborations for co-creation of solutions to community needs and offering conferencing and meeting space which is well equipped with technology to assist with in-person and virtual meetings.
..........Colorado State University System funds the Engagement Center which is a part of the Office of Engagement and Extension within CSU.
.....Between 2010 and 2021 NREC gradually lengthened business hours to accommodate both daytime and evening meetings. The early coordinator position, filled by Erin Waitley, transitioned in 2014 to a full-time director position filled by Karen Ramey-Torres.
.....In 2018, NREC added a position, and Peggy Stoltenberg came on board as the Partnership and Program Development Manager.
.....The Engagement Center facilitated collaborations that resulted in the Sterling Creatives artist cooperative, the Sterling Creative District and Wellfest. The Center also convened stakeholders to assist a developing Mobile Opioid Treatment Unit project that subsequently began delivering services to Northeast Colorado in early 2020.
.....NREC developed a number of older adult initiatives such as monthly Life Long Learning lectures, a weekly discussion group named Coffee, Tea and We and Aging Mastery, a series of 10 classes available across the northeast region beginning May 18, 2021. NREC has collaborated with Logan County Economic Development to create Rural, Rocking Retirement, a project that is intended to facilitate remote work opportunities for older adults.
.....NREC is currently involved in building a Task Force on Aging in collaboration with the Alzheimer’s Association. NREC is collaborating with Larimer County Extension to create a Logan County Senior Access Points (LCSAP) website to connect older adults and their families to local resources that help people thrive as they age.
.....NREC is in the midst of a study to determine the feasibility of CSU offering degree completion in collaboration with NJC and MCC. NREC is coordinating the study, which involves the community colleges and high schools in the region. NREC collaborated with the College of Agriculture dean, Dr. James Pritchett, to plan a series of listening sessions which were designed to inform the College’s programming and to update constituents about the College’s work.
.....NREC facilitated relationships between CSU faculty and high schools to augment academic instruction through the addition of architectural design classes and entrepreneurship mentoring. With NREC’s participation, an intern will document Sterling historic buildings, with innovative 3-D equipment, in the summer of 2021.
.....Another student will document “lost” buildings such as the Sterling Municipal Auditorium. Students will create a website to house the information for public accessibility. A faculty member will work with the Overland Trail Museum to augment visitor displays relative to this project.
.....In the last three years, NREC upgraded technology and remodeled office space to enlarge the conference room and diversify its use. In 2021 CSU Extension restructured to add Elbert and Lincoln Counties to the Northeast Region.
.....Dennis Kaan became the Director for the enlarged 9 county region. He now occupies an office within the Engagement Center along with two other colleagues, Brent Young, Agriculture and Business Management Specialist and Logan Hoffman, Beef Extension Agent.
.....They specialize in forming and managing collaborations, listening intently to community needs, identifying resources which may contribute to co-created solutions and managing short-term projects. .....NREC is now open full-time at 302 Main St. in Sterling. The engagement center's phone number is 970-522-7207 or Karen’s Cell Phone, 970-520-7142. Online visit http://engagement.colostate.edu/ https://www.facebook.com/csunortheastregionalengagementcenter

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AirMedCare Network
Alternative Resources
The Colorado SBDC Network helps businesses who have been affected by recent disasters in Colorado including the current health crisis.
Small Business Resource Guide .............................................Eastern Colorado SBDC
Startup Colorado Network
Startup Colorado Network enables entrepreneurs to find one another based on location, interest, expertise and industry. Rural Colorado’s entrepreneurial presence and success are highly undervalued, and Startup Colorado has launched a space for a community of people with innovative ideas and the people who want to support those ideas!
.................Startup Colorado ..........................................................................................Eastern Colorado SBDC
Governor's Award For Excellence
The Governor's Award for Excellence in Exporting is accepting applications until March 15. This award was established in 1970 and recognizes economic growth through international business. Winners will be formally recognized at World Trade Day in May, the region’s annual premier international trade event and the 2020 Award Recipient was Laser Technology Inc.
.................Award For Excellence .......................................................Eastern Colorado SBDC
State To Add Digital Vendor Pool
To secure top talent for digital delivery teams, Colorado is using the RFI Agile Technology solicitation to establish a group of companies that can consistently meet the needs of programs into the future. This pool of vendors should have the diversity of experience and expertise to work with the variety of current tech stacks for each state program, and to provide consistent high quality work across the board that will help to mature the state’s use of technology.
.................Digital Vendor Pool .....................................................................Eastern Colorado SBDC
Great Western Tire
1020 West Main St.     Sterling, CO 80751        (970) 522-4141
Eagle Convenience Stores
930 W. Main St.     Sterling, CO 80751        (970) 522-0801
FTT Is A Huge Mistake
No matter how you approach renewed calls for Congress to impose a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT), it would be a huge mistake for Main Street, consumers, taxpayers, retirees, states, and localities. An FTT, which is a sweeping tax on financial trades of all kinds, such as trades of stocks, bonds, and derivatives, is not a new idea. In fact, the U.S. imposed an FTT from 1914 until it was repealed in 1965 by an overwhelming bipartisan vote by a Democratic Congress. . .. ... ... . . .. ... ... .. .   FTT Is A Mistake
Rally For Recovery
America's business community plays a critical role in combatting the pandemic. Now that safe and effective vaccines are available, every business must rally around a common goal: accelerate vaccinations, reopen safely, and defeat the pandemic. Employers across the country are taking vital steps to get the country back to health—and we are committed to providing you the expert guidance
and resources you need to get the job done. . .. .. . . . . . .. .. . . . . .. .. . . . . .. .. .Rally For Recovery
US Chamber On Demand
Thoughtful and engaging conversations with business leaders, government officials and experts on the most urgent topics impacting businesses today. Available now on demand. .. . . . . .. .. . Browse Videos
Businesses Need A Privacy Shield
Last month, while addressing the Munich Security Conference, President Biden declared that “the transatlantic alliance is back.”  For businesses on both sides of the Atlantic, this is welcome news.The 
flow of goods, services, and investment between the U.S. and the EU is unmatched by any other bilateral relationship, and it supports the jobs of 16 million American and European workers. We at the U.S. Chamber are ready to roll up our sleeves to tackle the disputes that have plagued transatlantic 
commerce in recent years and address shared challenges. But results are needed.  Privacy Shield

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Wells Fargo
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Nichols Tillage Tools Inc.
312 HerefordAve.      Sterling, CO 80751         (970) 522-8676
Governor Updates COVID-19 In Colorado

Public Health Order Amended
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) released an amended public health order that provides updates to the COVID-19 dial framework on Sunday. The new changes were effective as of March 7... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..... ... ... ... ..... ... ... ... ..... ... ... ... ..... ... .Statewide Updates
Local Vaccines
In Logan County, in addition to the Northeast Colorado Health Department (call 970-522-3741) there are several other locations offering vaccinations. Below is a current list of providers and registration information:

*Sterling Regional MedCenter: 


*Sterling Walmart: 

Local Vaccine . .. ...

Logan County Is Now At
Vaccines Allocation Criteria
Because of the Colorado Vaccine Task Force’s dedication to transparency, Colorado is publicly releasing its allocation criteria for distributing the vaccine across the state. In the first several weeks, Colorado’s allocation process was primarily focused on logistics and provider readiness to store and quickly distribute vaccines. Colorado then transitioned to taking into account county population and the current prioritized populations and focused distribution of vaccines to providers that were vaccinating those populations. As enrolled COVID vaccine providers and vaccine supplies have increased, Colorado is transitioning to a standard allocation. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..Vaccines Allocation
State Marks First Year
March 5 marked one year since the state lab discovered the first case of COVID-19 in Colorado. “Today is a solemn day, as we think about all of the Coloradans that have lost their lives to the virus,” said Jill Hunsaker Ryan, executive director, CDPHE. “It’s also a day to be grateful for everything Coloradans have done to protect each other. We have all been in this together, enduring sacrifices, and now finally there is hope around the corner. With every person vaccinated, we all become safer and are closer to returning normal.” .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..One Year Later
New Variants Detected
Colorado State Public Health Laboratory has detected 3 cases of the B.1.351 variant in Colorado. This variant was first identified in South Africa. This is the first detection of B.1.351 in Colorado, but to date 68 cases have been identified across 17 jurisdictions in the U.S. The 3 cases -- 2 among staff and one person who is incarcerated -- are at the Colorado Department of Corrections Buena Vista Correctional Complex (BVCC). These samples were chosen at random for sequencing as part of ongoing variant surveillance analysis.. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. New Variant Detected In Colorado
Free Crisis Counseling
The Colorado Crisis Services continues to see a record-breaking number of calls and texts during the COVID-19 pandemic. Services will remain free through June 27, 2021. .....................................................................................................................Increase In Crisis Counseling

Resources For Small Businesses

Federal Stimulus
The new federal stimulus provides additional support for small businesses impacted by the pandemic, especially restaurants and entertainment venues. This round of “Paycheck Protection Program” (PPP), can go to any businesses that show a loss in revenue of 25% or more from at least one quarter of 2020 as compared to that same quarter in 2019. The funding available for businesses is calculated by finding the average monthly payroll in 2019 and then multiplying it by 2.5, meaning 2.5 months of payroll expenses. The new law provides even more help for restaurants through a special provision that gives these businesses a PPP amount equal to 3.5 months of average monthly payroll costs. We anticipate that Colorado businesses can gain access to billions of dollars in funding via these programs. The timing for the availability of this round of PPP loans has not been announced by the Small Business Administration (SBA). Please visit the OEDIT website listed above for updates as information becomes available and more details on this round of PPP loans and other federal stimulus program. The new law also creates a simplified one-page forgiveness application for PPP loans of under $150,000 and allows expenses covered by PPP loans to be tax deductible. A $600 stimulus is part of Congress’ most recent bipartisan stimulus package and have already begun hitting bank accounts. Individuals with an adjusted gross income of up to $75,000 a year on their 2019 tax return will qualify for the $600 and couples earning up to $150,000 will qualify for $1,200 total. The credit phases out for individuals earning above $75,000 but below $100,000. There is also a $600 payment for each qualifying child. .................................. Payment
Unemployment Insurance
If you’re looking to apply for unemployment benefits for the first time or have questions about a claim you’ve filed, visit the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment’s website for more information and support during this process. 
Housing and Utilities Assistance
During this year’s special session, we collaborated with bipartisan legislators in the General Assembly to allocate an additional $54 million in housing assistance through the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA). For more information on DOLA’s housing programs and to access support for your rent or mortgage, visit their website. We also allocated $5 million to Energy Outreach Colorado to help Coloradans with utility assistance. Visit their website for more information on how to access those funds. You can also find more information on other programs serving our state, such as County Housing Authorities, the Colorado Low Income Energy Assistance, and more. 
Food Assistance
During this pandemic, 1 in 3 Coloradans aren’t sure where their next meal is coming from. I’m proud that during the special session earlier this year we awarded $5 million to the Food Pantry Assistance Program in the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS). If you’re experiencing food insecurity, learn more about food assistance programs from the CDHS, Food Bank of the Rockies, and others serving the people of Colorado. Organizations looking to help their communities address hunger and food access issues, can apply for assistance with the Emergency Hunger Relief Fund 
Health Care Resources
This pandemic has made accessing and affording health care even more difficult for many Colorado families. If you’re looking for help finding physical or mental health resources, or need assistance paying health care bills, find resources here including Connect for Health Colorado and Salud Family Health Centers and more. 
Small Business Assistance
The Office of Economic Development and International Trade COVID-19 Business Resource Center offers multiple funding opportunities for businesses and nonprofits, including the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), Economic Injury Disaster Loans and Express Bridge Loans.Small Business Hotline: (303) 860-5881. Hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Businesses facing eviction can find assistance through OEDIT
RE-1 Valley School District
 Sterling, CO 80751         (970) 522-0792
Sterling Regional MedCenter
615 Fairhurst St.     Sterling, CO 80751         (970) 522-0122

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