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Congratulations To Caitlin Baseggio

who has been named the new

Executive Director of the

Logan County Chamber of Commerce.

Caitlin has been involved with different Chamber events over the years, has worked in marketing and promoting businesses in Logan County for 10 years, has a strong family connection to our community

and offers a fresh new perspective

to the executive director position.

We look forward to the places

she will lead the Chamber.

Congratulations To

Holiday Inn Express & Suites

...Business Of The Week

1555 East Chestnut St. .23.................. ..... ............... 970-425-7414

The Logan County Chamber of Commerce is honoring Holiday Inn Express & Suites as the Business of the Week and (front row left to right) Brayan Toledo, Patrick Richardson, Maria Rodriguez, Kelcie Emory, Pam Bevans, (back row left to right) Mike Hicks, Jessica Alvarez, Unique Cano, Linda Heller, Alex Halouska, Markus Buck, Lana Van Winkle, Maria Casillas, Anita Madrigal and (not pictured) Mary Ritter, Kaily Smith, Michiel De Jager and Ricky Guernsey.

...The Holiday Inn Express and Suites Sterling opened in 2017 and has been serving leisure and corporate travelers at a high level. Located at 1555 E. Chestnut Street, the Holiday Inn Express is operated by Noble Hospitality Inc, based out of Manhattan Kansas.

...As a leader in service and quality, the Holiday Inn has a reputation of cleanliness and service as they rank in the top 10% of all Holiday Inn Express locations nationwide. This provides a great opportunity to serve both leisure and business guests who visit our community.

...The Holiday Inn Express Sterling also collects a 5% lodging tax, which is then reinvested into the community of Sterling!

...Holiday Inn Express and Suites Sterling are proud to serve the community and anyone who travels here. With a pool, hot tub, 24-hour fitness center, and complimentary hot breakfast, the Holiday Inn Express is set up to accommodate weddings, sport teams, family reunions, and even birthday parties.

...Holiday Inn Express and Suites Sterling is located at 1555 E. Chestnut St., Sterling, CO 80751 and can be reached at (970) 425-7414, or stop by the hotel anytime!

  Join Us In Congratulating

Holiday Inn Express & Suites

Business Of The Week


Holiday Inn Express & Suites ..................... Your Chamber of Commerce  

Xcel Energy - Sterling
502 S. 8th Ave.      Sterling, CO 80751         (970) 521-1800

Your Chamber of Commerce  

Ambassadors from the Logan County Chamber of Commerce welcomed Tipsy Cow Wagon and Catering into the member organization. The Tipsy Cow Wagon and Catering at 329 W. Main St. is a satellite food truck of the Tipsy Cow Bar and Grill in Merino and owners Marcie and Darrell Nestor. Stop by the food truck in-person to place an order or order online at:

In Merino. Your Chamber of Commerce  

Riverside Fabrication, Inc.

150 Edward Avenue Sterling, CO 80751        (970) 522-06982

Vender Application

Your Chamber of Commerce  

Wickham Tractor Company

18875 CR 24 Sterling, CO 80751 (970) 521-9999

Want To Participate?

Your Chamber of Commerce  

Your Chamber of Commerce  

Trinidad Benham

150000 Right of Way Rd.   Sterling, CO 80751  (970) 522-3295

Thank You For Joining In April 2023

Generation Good Respect
Econic, LLC
R&R Rent A Car

Your Chamber of Commerce  

Thank You For Renewing Your Membership April 2023

Shipping and Stuff

Cooperating Ministry of Logan County

LOCAL (Logan County Arts League)

Sterling Concert Series, Inc.

Your Chamber of Commerce  

Community ,,,,,,Engagement

Retailers are pivotal in fostering community engagement and strengthening the bonds between local businesses and residents. By participating in cause-related marketing, collaborating with fellow retailers, and supporting other entrepreneurs, they contribute significantly to the vibrancy and growth of their communities. As we celebrate Small Business Week, let us recognize these creative entrepreneurs' contributions and appreciate the unique ways they bring communities together - especially after the pandemic..

Community Engagement

Your Chamber of Commerce  


Adams Bank & Trust

519 W. Main St. Unit B   Sterling, CO 80751  (970) 522-06982


 ....With employers across Colorado facing continued shortages of talented workers, Gov. Jared Polis signed into law a pair of bills that industry leaders believe could help to ramp up the school-to-career pipeline.

 ....At a late-morning ceremony at Colorado Mountain College in Salida, Polis inked House Bill 1246, which sets aside $45 million for students seeking degrees and credentials in labor-challenged fields such as health care, construction, law enforcement and education. Then at a ceremony at Adams State University in Alamosa, the Democrat governor signed Senate Bill 205, which spends $21 million to offer $1,500 scholarships for continuing education to some 14,000 students graduating from high school in the next school year.

... ......……........................................School-To-Career Pipeline

$70 Million To Workforce Development

 ....At the end of a legislative session uniquely focused on utility companies and their operations, legislators and the state’s two investor-owned utilities may have hit the sweet spot on a pair of bills that will impact how they calculate rates and ensure the safety of their gas pipelines.

....Gov. Jared Polis on Thursday signed Senate Bill 291, a measure aimed at slowing future utility rate hikes through limitations on costs that can be included in the rates. And over the coming weeks, he will decide the fate of House Bill 1216, which passed on the final day of the session Monday and adds new requirements on pipeline inspections.

....The special attention on utilities this session stemmed from natural-gas costs that rose 75% over the winter and were passed along to customers who struggled to pay bills in some cases.

....The citizen outrage over those costs led legislative leaders to create a Joint Select Committee on Rising Utility Rates that examined structural ways to reduce volatility in those rates.

Workforce Development

Many Incentives In Energy Bill

....Colorado’s twin pushes for greater adoption of renewable energy and faster reduction of greenhouse-gas emissions now feature a bevy of new incentives, though those come partially at the expense of tax credits for the oil and gas industry.

....Gov. Jared Polis on Thursday signed into law House Bill 1272, a wide-ranging offering of tax policies with a shared goal of decarbonization. Standing beside the bill’s sponsors, the Democratic governor inked the measure at Colorado Cycling Company in Aurora just three days after the close of the 2023 legislative session.

……………,,,,,,,,,,,,,…….…………….….Green Energy

Colorado Chamber of Commerce

Nichols Tillage Tools

312 Hereford Ave.         Sterling, CO 80751       (970) 522-8676

What Happens If The U.S. Defaults

...The U.S. economy and global financial system are all underpinned by the idea that the U.S. government – unlike others around the world – always pays its bills. Investments in U.S. debt are considered “risk-free”, which means the federal government pays less to borrow money. All other debts and their interest rates are based off the risk of that debt relative to risk-free treasuries. It is also a principal reason that the U.S. dollar is the global reserve currency, giving the U.S. both economic and national security advantages (advantages that China, for example, is looking to undermine through a competitor to the dollar).  

Default Consequences

Entrepreneurs Keep Learning

...Successful entrepreneurs never stop learning about their industry, business, and customers. They look for ongoing training opportunities for themselves and their staff. Free resources for small business owners help you break into the global marketplace, assess economic growth, and identify new business opportunities.

Celebrate Small Business Month and improve your company year-round using small business resources and online tools to reach your goals. Each of the following provides actionable information requiring just a few clicks.

...................................................................Free Resources

Civics: An Antidote To Division

......A shocking number of Americans can't name a single branch of our government. It's hard to believe, but it's the truth. The recent national civics test scores for eighth-graders point to a significant problem. Meanwhile, AI and other technologies are rapidly evolving, transforming jobs and society in ways we're still figuring out. 

.....What does this mean for all of us, and why should we care? Today, it feels like we all can't agree on anything. But learning about civics, or how our society works, can help us understand each other better. A study by the American Political Science Association found that students who learn about civics are better at understanding other people's points of view, even if they don't agree. We need this kind of understanding to work together, whether it's in school, at work, or in our neighborhoods.

.................................................................... Antidote

America’s Top Small Businesses

.....The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is proud to recognize the very best in American small business. Beginning this year, our newly reimagined America's Top Small Business Awards (formerly Dream Big Awards) will honor the achievements of small businesses and highlight their contributions to America’s economic growth.

....The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is proud to recognize the very best in American small business. Beginning this year, our newly reimagined America's Top Small Business Awards (formerly Dream Big Awards) will honor the achievements of small businesses and highlight their contributions to America’s economic growth.

....Applications for America's Top Small Business are now open.

..................................................................... . Learn More

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Have you wondered what it was like to travel the Overland Trail during the Colorado gold rush? How much could go on a wagon? How long will it take to get to Colorado territory? How much money is needed to homestead out west? What dangers and challenges will we face during our journey? All of these questions and more will be discussed at History Café on Wed., May 31 at 10:30 a.m. While snacking on muffins and coffee/tea, participants will enjoy a realistic look at the adventures and the perils that faced those traveling on this “super highway” that led thousands to leave their home and family behind and search for gold and land in the 1860s. This is the final History Café before taking a short summer break in June.

Overland Trail Museum

The Overland Trail Museum is looking for Crafters to demonstrate their crafts at the 2023 July 4th Heritage Festival. We are looking specifically for heritage crafts such as spinning, weaving, knitting, crocheting, tatting, quilting etc. We would love to have you join us! The Heritage Festival will take place on Tues., July 4 from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Lunch and a small stipend are offered to all craft demonstrators and indoor, air-conditioned space is available. Please call the museum at 970-522-3895 and let us know if you would like to join in the fun and share your talents at our event! 

May Museum Newsletter….


Overland Trail Museum

Re-1 Valley Schools
301 Hagen St.     Sterling, CO 80751        (970) 522-0792


Bank of Colorado

Bank of Colorado

Sterling Correctional Facility
12101 Hwy. 61           Sterling, CO 80751          (970) 521-5010

CSU Rams


Colorado NonProfits

CSU Regional Engagement Center

Great Western Tire

1020 W. Main St.          Sterling, CO 80751        (970) 522-4141

.Logan County Fair.


.Logan County Fair...............……………………………………………………… Josh Turner Concert

.Sterling Creatives...

Simon - Sterling

220 Edwards Ave     Sterling, CO 80751         (970) 522-3647

Fishing Is Fun

Join us for this years Colorado Free Fishing Weekend at overland Trail Pond on Sat., June 3, at 9 a.m. Sponsored by the Sterling Recreation Division, the event includes a biggest fish contest, per age group and a casting contest! CPW will be on hand with information about all of our fish we can and will catch! Hot dog Lunch will be served starting at 11:30 a.m.

Free Fishing Is Fun Day

Hospice Of The Plains

Sterling Community Fund

Northeastern Junior College

100 College Ave.         Sterling, CO 80751         (970) 521-6600

.ECCLPS.....................Banner Health/Sterling Regional MedCenter

.NJC Livestock Judging


Viaero Wireless

516 West Main St.     Sterling, CO 80751        (970) 521-9912

Virtual Marketplace

Your Chamber of Commerce  

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Did you know that joining a chamber of commerce can help your company gain access to valuable resources and exposure in the community? A business's

visibility and trustworthiness in the community can improve greatly by joining the chamber of commerce. The mission of the Logan County Chamber of Commerce

is to strengthen business ties and foster economic development in the county.

For additional information on how joining the Logan County Chamber

can help your business, please call (970) 522- 5070.

Your Chamber of Commerce  

Sterling Regional MedCenter

615 Fairhurst St.     Sterling, CO 80751        (970) 522-0122

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