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The Logan County Chamber is honoring the City of Sterling Streets and Sanitation as the "Business of the Week." In attendance for the event were David Rewoldt, Aaron Storch, Scott Diamond, Tylor Felzein, Keegan Manley, Tanner Carleton, and Dave Cullen and (not pictured) Bill Bretz,Tim Dallegge, Rodney Wiebers and Joel Gould. 

....Founded by homesteaders along the South Platte River in 1881, Sterling quickly developed into a community hub along the Eastern Plains. Some form of public works has been around since the beginning of Sterling from elected officials and the original founders.

....The City of Sterling Streets Division’s mission is to operate and maintain the street system to ensure the best possible conditions for safe travelling while dealing with harsh environmental obstacles and the wear and tear of expansion and growth.

....The City of Sterling Sanitation Division provides sanitation pick up for all city residents and provides the most efficient means to disposing of residents’ waste and refuse. The City of Sterling Streets & Sanitation Department sweep and maintain city streets and bisecting state highways. They provide traffic control in any call necessary, whether it be emergency or an event.

....The City of Sterling Streets & Sanitation Department plow and remove snow to ensure that access to highways, hospitals, schools, emergency services and even local businesses are available at all times to residents.

... The City of Sterling Streets & Sanitation Department has worked over 900 hundred hours and laid more than 300 tons of salt and sand not including time or materials from other departments or outside companies, since the beginning snowfall in early December.

.. The Street Department has been working the challenging weather pattern as recurring storm systems have come in over the last nine weeks.

...The City of Sterling Streets & Sanitation specialty is all road or sanitation services. The Street Division does asphalt repair, cold patch, crack sealing, clean storm sewer basins, paint curb and crosswalks, install and repair street signs. The City Sanitation Division installs and repairs garbage cans and dumpsters.

....Department does truck hauling, snow plowing and removal, waste removal including city cleanup twice a year, and provides various forms of traffic control as well as facilitate other departments.

.....The City of Sterling Streets & Sanitation can be contacted on Facebook at or on their website-

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In Congratulating The

City of Sterling Streets & Sanitation

...TBusiness Of The Week

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  City of Sterling Street and Sanitation.... ..............

Xcel Energy - Sterling
502 S. 8th Ave.      Sterling, CO 80751         (970) 521-1800
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Nichols Tillage Tools

312 Hereford Ave.          Sterling, CO 80751         (970) 522-8676

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Adams Bank & Trust
519 West Main St. Unit B   Sterling, CO 80751        (970) 522-0698
Virtual Marketplace
Re-1 Valley Schools
301 Hagen St.     Sterling, CO 80751        (970) 522-0792
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Sterling Regional MedCenter
615 Fairhurst St.     Sterling, CO 80751        (970) 522-0122

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987 The Big Boy KSID-FM

E B Autos

Kentec Communications

Korf Motors

Luft, LLC

NECO Aesthetics, LLC

Northeastern Dance Academy

Kingdom of Coins

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Sterling Correctional Facility
12101 Hwy. 61           Sterling, CO 80751          (970) 521-5010

What Is .


Omnichannel means fulfilling customers’ needs at every touchpoint and providing the same functionality and experience across channels, no matter how a buyer chooses to interact.

Companies must be attentive at each stage of the customer journey - discovery, research, purchase, support, customer service and returns, and building an ongoing relationship.


Immigration Affecting U.S. Workforce

Right now, there is over 10 million jobs open in the U.S., yet around 6 million unemployed workers. Moreover, labor force participation does not yet match what it was before the pandemic. The U.S. Chamber's America Works Data Center captures these national workforce trends. This page dives deep into how our woefully inadequate immigration system is contributing to our workforce struggles.


Congress Must Meet The Moment

The “Calling on Congress” series is highlighting priorities that can and must be addressed in the 118th Congress. One urgent priority is easing the worker shortage crisis and ensuring we have a competitive workforce for the future. Right now, there are too many open jobs without people to fill them. We have double the number of open jobs in the U.S. than unemployed workers. The result is that too many businesses can’t grow, compete, and thrive. Despite predictions of gridlock, the U.S. Chamber believes the 118th Congress can rise to meet this moment and enact solutions.


Precision Homes

223 Main St. ....................Sterling, CO 80751..............  (970) 425-2082

It’s Story Time

Story Times for Spring 2023 will be: Baby Time for babies birth to 24 months will be on Tuesdays from 9:30-10 a.m. Little Readers is for kids ages 2-5 years old and is on either Mondays at 9:30 a.m. OR on Tuesdays at 10:30 a.m. Both sessions of Little Readers are the same each week - please choose one. Story Times are now underw

Reading Schedule For Adults/Kids

Sterling Public Library

HTI Partners Needed

For Merino School

The Buffalo School District is looking for partners to implement a Homegrown Talent Initiative (HTI) program. Our school and surrounding districts are part of a two year grant through BOCES to get this program to take off and get our students out and involved with our communities and the workforce. Our school is looking for your feedback on what you look for in an ideal employee for your business as well as what qualities you like to see in your employees.



Overland Trail Museum January Newsletter


Read It Here

Overland Trail Museum

CSU Regional Engagement Center

Northeastern Junior College

100 College Avenue          Sterling, CO 80751         (970) 521-6600

Fee of $30. Watch for registration form on our FB page ( that must be submitted prior to the event.


Wickham Tractor Company

18875 CR 24 Sterling, CO 80751 (970) 521-9999

A Caring Pregnancy Resource Center

Riverside Fabrication Inc.
150 Edward Ave.     Sterling, CO 80751        (970) 522-5300

Stop by and see our newly remodeled salon!

Thurs., Feb. 2 from 4-6 p.m.

1102 Sidney Avenue.

Swag Bag Giveaways! Punch Cards for NJC students!

Northeastern Junior College  

Sterling Creatives

Viaero Wireless
516 West Main St.     Sterling, CO 80751        (970) 521-9911


2023 Winter Workshops

FREE to attend for all farmers or ranchers, their families, farm employees, and professionals who serve or work with the ag community A lunch or meal is provided at all workshops for all who pre-register.

  • Introduction to the Colorado AgrAbility Project- The Colorado AgrAbility project works with Colorado farmers and ranchers and their families engaged in production agriculture to assist them to continue working, despite a long-term illness, permanent injury, aging issues or other physical, cognitive, or behavioral challenges. James Craig and Candy Leathers will introduce you to our new staff as you learn more about the project which is a partnership between Colorado State University Extension and Goodwill Industries of Colorado.
  • Ergonomic Safety & Health in Agriculture- Ergonomics is the science of designing the job, equipment, and workspace to fit the worker, while maintaining the efficiency of people in the workplace. AgrAbility staff, Candy Leathers and James Craig will explore “work-related musculoskeletal disorders” and the use of ergonomics to aid in keeping workers safe, comfortable, and productive.
  • Drought and the Colorado River, Perspectives for Agriculture-Dr. Rebecca Hill will discuss the
  • Colorado River Compact, current responses in face of drought and increasing water demands
  • and the implications this could have on agriculture in the future.
  • Resiliency and Stress Management on the Farm and Ranch- Resilience is the ability to cope
  • with and recover from setbacks. Agricultural can be a stressful way of life and while we can’t control the weather, market prices, or fuel costs there are many steps we can take to manage our stress levels and strengthen our relationships. Join Chad Reznicek MA, LPC, to learn about resiliency practices, stress management, and how to look out for those we care about.
  • Improving insulation - Improving the insulation of walls, crawl spaces, floors and heating ducts is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to reduce energy costs, saving your up to 10% on your monthly energy bill.

Mealtime keynote, Whitney Pennington, Outreach Manager for the High Plains Intermountain Center for Agricultural Health, and Safety at CSU will feature an overview of personal protective equipment, commonly referred to as “PPE”. Workshop attendees will receive a free PPE kit (respirators, ear plugs, and more) kinds of PPE, when it’s necessary, and how to wear it to prevent exposure to farm and ranch health hazards. and can help you save. Have your home evaluated for leaky ducts, drafts around doors and windows, fireplace dampers and other places where air might escape.

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Agrability Colorado

Simon - Sterling

220 Edwards Avenue     Sterling, CO 80751         (970) 522-3647

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Simon - Sterling

220 Edwards Avenue     Sterling, CO 80751         (970) 522-3647

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In Logan County, in addition to the Northeast Colorado Health Department (call 970-522-3741) there are several other locations offering vaccinations. .................................................... Local Vaccine Providers
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