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29 July, 2017

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Nathan Kipnis NextHaus 
Nathan is one of the founding members of NextHaus Alliance. He's going to discuss Resilient Design principles. Planning for a changing world with an eye on renewables and reducing the carbon footprint.

Email Question of the Week
from John in Hinkley
Question: I live in Hinckley, Il. in a ranch house built in the arly 1990's. In the family room of the house is a "Dover sunburst 2100" fireplace, without an outside air inlet duct. When we use the fireplace the family room heats up to 80 degrees+ while the bedroom is at 68.
My chimney sweep raised the concern that an attempt to install an air inlet duct may damage the fireplace.Then hard to find parts from this no longer existing company. If I ran duct work in the attic from the family room to bedroom. Would this increase the heat into the bedroom ?
Thank you, John 

Answer: Hey John,
First, I would try putting your thermostat to the "Fan On" position. That will run the fan on the furnace even when it is not calling for heat. This might move enough air around to cool off the family room and heat the other rooms in the house.

If you want to try and move more air than that, you can put a fan in and duct to the bedrooms. If you can't go through the basement (First choice) then use insulated duct to run through the attic and wrap the fan with insulation. Something like this would work. 

If you are looking to add makeup air to the firebox, I'm not sure that is a
good idea. Without approval from the manufacturer there is no way to know
how that would affect the fireplace.
Thanks for listening, R,R,R
Steve Bernas, President of BBB of Chicago & N. Illinois
Steve comes on the show to discuss new scams that are targeting your wallet and identity. He'll give you tips to avoid becoming a victim.

Learn to protect yourself!
Tip of the Week with Rich Cowgill
What you get at a box store may suit your needs today but, will it last? Is there a difference between the products from box stores and supply houses? Both are fine, Rich will explain the difference.
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Clutter Clarity with Robbie Ehrhardt
  The most anticipated segment of the show. She says she doesn't know what she'll discuss until 1 minute before. It's always interesting where she takes us.

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